Bed Frame and App: a new well-being, by Flou

Flou seamlessly combines aesthetics, functionality and maximum comfort by integrating a new moving bed frame, Motion 4, with an innovative APP, designed to identify the perfect resting position, to optimise your well-being, relaxation and sleeping experience.

The bed frame is fitted with four motors which operate autonomously and independently, enabling you to choose the perfect support for fundamental parts of the body such as the head, shoulders,legs and feet, by adjusting different areas of the bed frame.

There are three pre-configured positions: Reading, for comfortable reading, Relax, to alleviate stress and melt away muscle tension, and Chaise-Longue, for a defatiguing effect for legs.

It comes supplied with an innovative APP, available for iOS and Android systems, which can be used to activate the bed frame from your smartphone or tablet, and memorise the user’s favourite positions on their device. The classic remote control is also available as an alternative to the APP:

In addition to an innovative combination of design and state-of-the-art electronic technologies, the motion 4 bed frame boasts intrinsic and high quality technical characteristics, including swing-trays in thermoplastic polymer, a guarantee of excellent ergonomic quality and duration, a highly manoeuvrable aluminium framework stabilised by a steel structure, and maximum safety motors which stop immediately if an obstacle is detected between the resting surface and base.