Less is more

No handles, barrier-free surfaces, and shapely lines turn your kitchen into a showpiece

Essential by Gagennau, design Cosentino

Essential on the outside, hi-tech on the inside: today’s kitchens offer robust design with seamless, cutting-edge surfaces, concealed handles, cooktops that blend in with the countertop, and hidden appliances. Use these uncluttered structures to organize your space with islands and wall-mounted units that provide the perfect backdrop for your culinary skills.

Cosentino and Gaggenau launched the innovative Essential induction set, a cooktop and countertop combined in one. The end result is free of barriers, frames, or gaps. Just one dot, one surface, and one control knob. Combining high-performance, 12 mm thick Dekton® with Gaggenau technology allows this set to blend in seamlessly with any living space. For optimal performance, the induction modules are activated through improved protectors that grip the cookware magnetically. A discreet light intuitively connects the knob to the cooking area in operation. This acts as a guide for cookware placement, while variations in its intensity, color, and status let you know if the module is on, if there is residual heat, or if the surface protector is missing. When not in use, it turns off automatically.

N.O.W. by Lago, design Daniele Lago

 The N.O.W. (Not Only White) storage system is a distinctive, functional part of the new Lago kitchen, designed by Daniele Lago. An innovative, patented opening system means no handles, while the wall units are disguised by their continuous trim to look like part of the kitchen structure. Gleaming bronze smoked glass cabinets can be added to create a stylish mix of closed storage and display, enhanced by integral lighting. Suspended and floor-standing base units boast minimalist design with lacquered fronts and groove openings. They’re lined with the same material as the countertop. 

Gea by Arrex

The Arrex kitchen, inspired by the element Earth, offers a warm and welcoming environment. Its shapes are designed to convey an impression of solidity and stability. Natural materials, dark shades, and gold and clay details make this kitchen a place to connect with nature. The Gea door, reflecting the company’s green credentials and quest for style, is offered in five eco PET finishes, three 100% recyclable PET cements, and a selection of lacquer colors. These are grouped into four moods: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The Gea and Loft 2.2 doors are clad in new cement PET and smooth Eco PET finishes. The colors are inspired by the mineral world and natural surfaces that are solid and textured, or sparkling and crystalline like sugar.

Levitas Glass by Euromobil, design R&S Euromobil & Roberto Gobbo

Lightness, along with transparency and sustainability, are the watchwords for the Euromobil Levitas Glass kitchen, designed by Roberto Gobbo in conjunction with the Euromobil R&S team. The main material used for the Levitas Glass kitchen is transparent extra-clear glass. This is used for the doors of the wall units, base units, and housing units, both at the front and on the sides. The support structure is a lacquered aluminum frame with an aged brass finish. Three door opening systems are available, which vary according to their different uses. The base and wall unit backs are made of natural sandblasted oak, while the housing units are backed with glass. 

SieMatic S2 Next Generation by SieMatic

SieMatic introduced its new SieMatic S2 Next Generation kitchen, the latest generation of the classic SieMatic SL handle-free system. Closed cabinets transform with one touch into decorative open systems, cooktops are concealed by sliding countertops, appliances and entire kitchen areas are hidden behind folding sliding doors. A revolutionary turn-and-slide system converts a closed cabinet into an open system with shelves. SieMatic SecretService is a Push2Open drawer hidden in a flat, recessed channel that cleverly expands your storage space. SieMatic SecretSlide is a Taj Mahal natural stone countertop. A pinpoint sliding mechanism glides smoothly open to reveal a second level that can accommodate a cooktop or sink with a lowered faucet. 

New Logica by Valcucine, design Gabriele Centazzo

Valcucine’s New Logica has been redesigned to identify three distinct areas for cooking, washing, and preparation. It’s also been re-equipped to include new wooden elements designed by Gabriele Centazzo (creator of New Logica) and new walnut interior accessories, adding new functionality to working areas. Nowadays, architectural integration is a fundamental part of kitchen design. With this in mind, the New Logica special element can also be extended upwards. The introduction of a new cover panel for the trademark rocker mechanism allows your designer to add wall units above the special element. You can now use every inch of the kitchen space, right up to the ceiling.

Atelier by Abimis

Atelier by Abimis stands out for its boldly engineered design. It’s made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. As a biologically neutral material, it’s hygienic and suitable for food contact. The seamless countertop is easier to clean. Atelier can be fully customized by configuring its modules and built-in accessories. 

Crono, Ecotone™ by Quartzforms®
Level Invisible by Falmec

Quartzforms®, a Scapin Group brand specializing in the production of quartz mineral surfaces, has launched Ecotone™, a new generation of slabs made with recycled components and biobased resin with a crystalline silica content of less than 5 percent. Applying cutting-edge technology to quartz in this way offers a low environmental impact option while maintaining exceptional technical performance, including resistance to impacts, scratches, stains and acids. The Ecotone™ – New Era collection has been extended by four new surfaces: Mahal, Lasa, Poseidon and Crono. They’re ideal for use as kitchen countertops (and more). The Crono surface (pictured) is black, with white and
bronze veins that create a magical interplay of colors.

Level Invisible by Falmec literally vanishes from view because its top panel can be made of the same material as the kitchen top. This solution is as flexible as it is minimal because it’s suitable for gas and induction cooking systems, although it pairs beautifully with integrated cooktop solutions. Just touch the blue LED to lift the hood and control the suction by lightly touching the touch control located on the front.

Orizzonte by Pianca

Orizzonte is a new kitchen concept introduced by Pianca. Replacing conventional one-piece modules with a unique shoulder system makes it possible to avoid the need to juxtapose two sides. The result is a single bespoke unit. The sustainable materials involved are natural stone and marble agglomerate, which comes from the earth and is made by recycling marble processing waste. The main elements making up the kitchen are an island and a housing unit. This ensemble is notable for the fact that the housing unit can be opened by a grip at the top of the door, which is 20.0 mm higher than the top of the unit.

ArtLine by Miele

Miele offers a new series of built-in appliances in luxurious matte obsidian black. The range consists of an oven, compact combi microwave oven, combi steam oven, food warmer and sous vide drawer, built-in coffee maker, and wine cooler. These products are complemented by induction cooktops, hood, and dishwasher front panels with Knock2Open technology. The ArtLine handle-free range forms the basis of the new series. The look features full-surface glass fronts with integrated displays.