Seletti’s fun proposals are convincing winners

Fun and irony in the new 2017 Seletti collections, which take a pop approach to embellishing the exhibition space at M&O with a wealth of innovative proposals.  Above all, 2017 marks ten years of Estetico Quotidiano, a line of objects designed by Selab that use the classic shapes of kitchenware and objects for the home in plastic and tin, faithfully reproducing them in classic, resistant materials; a winning idea that, over the years, has produced numerous products, including the three new ones:  a glass in double-glazing and a carton and boiler for milk, both in borosilicate glass.

New developments too in the Heritage Collection chairs by Sebastiano Tosi, in turned beech and velvet or in an outdoor version that, like the two coffee tables, pays tribute to the Italian cabinetmaking and textile tradition.

The Seletti wears TOILETPAPER collection is enhanced with the main pendant lamps, available in two sizes and 12 different graphics, and the ironic new table mats, created in collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Similarly inspired by irony and fun are the lighting systems of Sagra, Floralia, Luminarie and Street Life. So is Hybrid by CTRLZAK, which has its own new products: three large new circular carpets that bring east and west together in a harmonious play of contrasts. Finally, mention must be made of the new collections that emerged from the collaboration with Diesel: Wunderkammer and Party Animal, in addition to the new products for Work is Over and Cosmic Diner.