Scandal at NoMad

A special installation that was supposed to be part of one of NYCxDesign's events has been temporarily shut down. For two slightly over-the-top episodes

The Portal, Nomad Installation

In the Flatiron South Public Plaza (Fifth Ave. and 23rd St.), next to the famous Flatiron Building, an interactive public art piece has been installed a few days ago: The Portal, a technological sculpture designed to create a visual bridge between New York and Dublin that will be active through the fall of 2024, including real-time connections and programming of cultural performances. In honor of this initiative, NYCxDesign organized a conference scheduled for May 18 with public art curator and producer Debra Simon, in conversation with Lithuanian artist and founder Benediktas Gylys.

Benediktas Gylys
Debra Simon

Unfortunately, the ‘visual bridge,’ two large monitors in constant communication, had to be temporarily shut down because it also attracted people who have taken inappropriate advantage of it since it opened: an OnlyFans model, Ava Louise, stripped completely on camera (she called the episode “very funny”). And another user shared images of the attack on the Twin Towers.

The Portal – Photo © quiggyt4

The Flatiron NoMad Partnership has assured that the installation will be back up and running by the weekend, and the Simon/Gylys conversation is still on the calendar – hopefully without further provocation.