Scavolini, elegance in the details

Rigorous forms and ample possibilities for personalization. Juno is the collection from Scavolini Bagno that establishes a dialogue with any available space

The Juno bathroom has many advantages, but to list only the foremost, we could mention high aesthetic quality, effective modular design and special attention to detail, as in the J-shaped handle grip that becomes the stylistic feature of the whole collection, as a simple ergonomic solution.
Thanks to a large assortment, it is possible to create your own bathroom décor, selected from lacquer finishes (glossy or matte) and patterns, available in a range of hues.

Scavolini Bagno, Juno, Sistema Magneto
Scavolini Bagno, Juno, Magneto system

Compositional freedom is ensured by the new Magneto system of mirrors and accessories, including open hanging cabinets, shelves, soap dishes, glasses and towel racks, magnetically positioned where needed on the surface of the mirror.

It is possible to combine countertop or built-in washstands, to insert suspended or floor-mounted fixtures, faucets, shower plates and cabins, bathtubs, mirrors, accessories and a variety of lighting systems, also including the bathroom modules of the Sistema Parete Fluida to gain greater storage space.

Scavolini Bagno, Juno, Sistema Parete Fluida
Scavolini Bagno, Juno, Sistema Parete Fluida