Snaidero: the international project culture

Research into materials and technologies, provocation and innovation are keynotes in Snaidero's history and production, not least in models on display at Eurocucina, designed by four big names on the international design scene. Translating style changes within the most loved area of the home

Milan Design Week will feature a abundance of Snaidero proposals, the leading kitchen brand will present five new systems at Eurocucina, created by four exponents of international design. Yet again Snaidero is aiming to affirm its character as a leading brand of a sector capable of experimenting and overthrowing traditional project schemas. Tangible product quality and Snaidero creativity will be expressed by models designed by Pininfarina, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Andreucci&Hoisl and Michele Marcon. A consolidation of the partnership with Pininfarina, thanks to a new high aesthetic and technological impact system, supported by considerable research into materials. Snaidero’s collaboration with Massimo Ghini also continues, with a renewal of Frame, the collection’s flagship system and an expression of a neo-chic trend. The architects Alessandro Andreucci and Christian Hoisl have developed a programme focused on the study of operational spaces and ergonomy, whereas Michele Marcon identifies a classic-contemporary solution with the new Hera.

Edi Snaidero, president of Snaidero, confirms that “models on display at Eurocucina are a transverse proposal which offer a uniquely broad range. All five projects affirm our distinctive character which has led us to experiment and create iconic products over the last 70 years. We will also be present at FuoriSalone with the event Snaidero Party Time, in Corso Magenta 66, which will enable us to speak with the public. Indeed forging a personal relationship with consumers is a top priority for us”.

Excellent products, end users and markets are all focal points for the company’s objectives which currently has over 450 outlets in 86 countries. Edi Snaidero once more: “We are continuing to expand our widespread sales network which over the last few months has celebrated three inaugurations in Italy and eleven abroad”. Contract is another field of action: Snaidero is developing and finalising large-scale projects in this sector. For example in “Singapore, with 700 kitchens for apartments in the Duo residence, and Vietnam, with kitchens for all 130 apartments of the 6 star Reverie Saigon Hotel. In 2017 we were selected for important contracts in Australia, India, Miami, UK, which we will be concluded over the next few months”.

A truly global success for the Brand. “We are proud that we have been recognised as exponents of Made in Italy design and of winning the Good Design Award with Frame in 2017. Our 14th Good Design Award. It is a sign which enables us to understand how our design is a ‘window’ onto the future, by means of research into beauty not for its own sake, but as something that is recognisable and timeless”.