Family Silver by JanskyDundera, Czech Republic

Architects: JanskyDundera, Matěj Janský, Cyril Dunděra, Jáchym Janský
Furnishings: Kler, Cappellini, MCDJ, TON
Handmade rugs (bathroom, children’s room, study): Maimana
Ceramic objects: Gustav Fifka
Lighting: DECHEM studio
Charleston radiator: Zehnder
Styling: Klára Tománková

The refurbishment of the bright, large apartment that occupies the whole of the third floor of a modernist building from the 1930s has put quality before quantity, a philosophy of ascetic luxury adopted by the architecture studio JanskyDundera, founded in Prague by Matěj Janský, Cyril Dunděra, Jáchym Janský. Quality in the meticulous care given to the transformation of a house that belongs to the family of one of the designers. And quality in the work of replanning the spaces and reinterpreting the modernist character of the interiors with a contemporary twist, with the choice of furniture and lighting along with the use of colour making a strong contribution.

The blue indigo coffee table in the living room for example is just the first hint of the large Narnia-inspired blue-painted structure that leads to the area dedicated to the children’s room, private and protected spaces. “The blue wardrobe and the entrance to its depths is meant to lead people out of reality into another world, a magical space, to be a filter between the apartment and the children’s rooms. It is meant to convey an experience and stimulate the imagination”, explain the architects.

The history of the apartment emerges meanwhile in a series of original features that have been carefully salvaged, such as the ribbon windows, the oak parquet flooring, sliding doors, doorknobs. As well as the original green painted mural that creates a backdrop on the parent’s bedroom wall, combined with a large mirrored surface that alters the perception of the whole space.