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Taking light with you, into other rooms or outside: portable lamps are welcome guests on a table, or decorative touches to hang up or set on surfaces

Clara by Contardi Lighting design by Chiara Caberlon and Marco Forbicioni
Clara by Contardi Lighting, design by Chiara Caberlon and Marco Forbicioni

Portable lamps are faithful companions that follow us everywhere we go, becoming protagonists in moments of relaxation, reading and work. They also create welcoming and evocative atmospheres for gardens, terraces, dining zones and indoor or outdoor living areas. With rings that function as hangers or handles, they can be moved and suspended with ease. Many offer long cables to reach even remote locations, or are outfitted with rechargeable batteries. In spite of their small size, thanks to new technologies the lamps can provide excellent visual comfort and an appealing, homogeneous glow.

Clara (on cover) is the new outdoor lantern by Contardi, based on the creative flair of Chiara Caberlon in collaboration with Marco Forbicioni. In the upper part of the structure, available in matte white lacquer or bronze coated, the lamp has a ring that functions as a hanger or a handle. The diffuser is made in resin with a Vienna straw effect. After recharging with a USB-C port, the lamp can operate for up to 8 hours.

Nastro by Tooy, design by Studiopepe
Takku by Artemide, design by Foster + Partners

The portable table version is the latest model in the Nastro family by Studiopepe for Tooy. Perfect for outdoor dining, Nastro Portable comes as a full portable or with a cable. The colors play with pastel and powder tones, with the addition of black to underline the graphic forms.

Takku designed by Foster + Partners for Artemide is a completely versatile lamp that provides perfect lighting for the office or the home. The head controls the diffused emission with an optical element on the lower surface. The unit offers three different brightness settings, with 20 hours of off-grid operation.

Arianna by Zava, design by Paolo Ulian and Caterina di Michele

Arianna is the brilliant transformable spool lamp that Paolo Ulian & Caterina di Michele have designed for Zava. The power cable (15 meters) circles or unrolls on the metal structure to reach almost anywhere. 

Whisper by iGuzzini

Whisper by iGuzzini is a contemporary classic: the wireless rechargeable shade lamp for typical functional flexibility, ideal for residential and hospitality contexts. The essential form relies on slim proportions, while the touch dimmer/switch is built into the top of the shade. Touch control for ideal management of color temperature and intensity. 

Cri Cri by Foscarini, design by Studio Natural
Ale BE T by Catellani & Smith

Cri Cri is a wireless lamp with a rechargeable internal battery, to hang or place where desired, designed by Studio Natural for Foscarini. The sole decorative concession is the ring at the base of the shade, in a range of colors – black, white, champagne and silver – to match with the body in white, black, red or champagne. The body is mostly in recycled aluminium, an ecological material par excellence.

Ale BE T by Catellani&Smith is a table lamp with battery, wireless for use in any space. The circular base is connected by means of a small cylinder to two slender V-shaped parts that support the semispherical cap, which can be oriented on a single axis to direct the light produced by an LED. The ironic detail of a fly resting on the cap conceals the bolts for attachment to the body of the lamp. Ale BE T comes in white and black, but also in lively fluo coating (orange, blue, yellow and magenta) and in the Colorful finish that plays with a combination of primary colors: blue, red and yellow.

Gustave by Flos Vincent Van Duysen
Kiki Cordless by Martinelli Luce, design by Paola Navone

 For the Gustave table lamp by Flos, design Vincent Van Duysen, takes his cue from the iconic creations of Adolf Loos. The lamp emits a powerful beam of light that falls obliquely and extends all around at 360 degrees. This is due to an ingenious combination of LEDs and patented lenses. In spite of the small size, thanks to a particular light diffusion technology (based on micro-geometric studies) Gustave brings perfect lighting to large surfaces, up to one meter from the source.

The cordless lamp is rechargeable, waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and – obviously – mobile. Paola Navone for Martinelli Luce has designed Kiki Cordless, a portable lamp for diffused lighting, cordless with rechargeable battery (5 hours) with a USB cable. Kiki is ready to go anywhere: on the terrace, in the garden, on the lawn for a romantic dinner, or to light up a party in the nighttime. 

Sister Light Wi-Fi by Zafferano, design by Federico de Majo

Sister Light Wi-Fi is a new collection of battery-powered portable and rechargeable lamps, designed by Federico de Majo for Zafferano. It can also be controlled at a distance thanks to the use of the Zafferano Lighting app. With respect to the standard version, this model offers various additional controls – via app – including: creation and control of groups of lamps, dynamic white (or the possibility of adjusting color temperature of white light), battery charge level control and a timer for on-off functions. The collection includes table (in two heights), wall and stake-mounted lamps.