Riyadh on the rise

Sitia opens a new showroom in Riyadh, emphasizing Made in Italy design and the philosophy of the "human contract" in an era of real estate development

Sitia Showroom, Riyadh, Arabia Saudita

Riyadh, the vibrant capital of Saudi Arabia, is going through a period of extraordinary real estate development. Amidst this building fervor, a new and brilliant chapter stands out in the history of interior design: the opening of Sitia‘s new showroom. A distinctive brand in the field of creating seats for contract spaces, Sitia stands out for its commitment to “made in Italy” quality. Recently, the brand announced the opening of a new showroom in the beating heart of Riyadh. The inauguration of this new space is a testament to Sitia’s commitment to excellence, a commitment that is expressed through sophisticated architectural designs and carefully selected iconic pieces.


This new showroom offers an engaging experience, inviting visitors on a journey through refined aesthetics and elevated comfort. At the heart of the experience, Sitia’s innovative philosophy, “the human contract“, a concept that revolutionizes the way we perceive living spaces, offering a fresh vision of interior design that responds to the changing needs of contemporary life. In this context, “the human contract” allows the creation of versatile furniture collections that can adapt to the new demands of putting man at the center of design processes, even in business contexts.

The new showroom in Riyadh represents a place where Italian craftsmanship blends with contemporary design, giving life to an environment where every detail tells a story of passion, creativity, and human connection.