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In the Atlas Concorde showroom at the company’s headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, the visitor experience has a high-technology backbone. Invisible but very functional

Atlas Concorde Park Studio, Fiorano Modenese, Italy
Atlas Concorde Park Studio, Fiorano Modenese, Italy

Atlas Concorde, a leading global player in the ceramic coatings sector, has opened the Atlas Concorde Park Studio at its headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, a large and extremely innovative exhibition space: because built – conceptually, but not only – on a presence of technology that adds new functionality to the visit.

Designed by the architectural design team of Atlas Concorde in collaboration with MPArchitects and Studio Ferriani, the new space – 3,000 sqm on two levels – breathes new life into an industrial area by changing its vocation and overlooks a park with centuries-old trees, through large windows that communicate the interior and exterior.

Upon entry, a massive ledwall is noticeable: it’s the Open Theater, starting point and window – through custom-made audiovisual content – onto the company’s world. But the technology that serves as the backbone of the “visitor experience” in this space is actually invisible, designed ad hoc by Dotdotdot, which has developed the Atlas Concorde Platform, a digital infrastructure that offers architecturally integrated customer experience services in the space.

The journey continues in the large spaces of the showroom, which display a selection of products alongside a Digital Wall that extends the physical space allowing the visitor – even autonomously – to explore and delve into the collections. The seller, in real time, can select the most suitable products for customers based on their tastes and needs, thereby providing a personalized visit experience.

Not only: the showroom is mapped with beacon technology, thus allowing data collection useful for tracking the functionality of the spaces and customers’ interests. Moreover, the main surfaces of the ceramic products are tagged with a technology that enables the Atlas Concorde staff to obtain in-depth information and save the specifics of the product: the customer can thus build their own wishlist.

The visit concludes in a materials library where samples of surfaces can be touched and, by placing them on an interactive table – the Surface Library – obtain further detailed information. The same table allows the seller to release using the tablet, all the information collected during the visit, so as to provide the customer with an immediate summary of the products that have aroused the greatest interest.