Tribute to Gabriella Crespi

The Nilufar gallery in Milan pays tribute to the designer and her artistic creativity, in an exhibition that opens on 25 October

"Gabriella Crespi" @ NILUFAR, via della Spiga. Ph Filippo Pincolini

There are the Fungo, Obelisco, Caleidoscopio and Scudo lamps, with their ethereal glow. There’s the intricate Plurimi collection, with its modular, transformative furnishings. As well as the Lotus Leaves table and the iconic Reclining Armchair. The exhibition “Gabriella Crespi” is a true immersive itinerary in the creativity of the Milanese designer, who throughout her career was able to combine artistic vision with painstaking craftsmanship. Fundamental features include harmonious juxtapositions of materials, the sophisticated interaction of rattan, bamboo and bronze, in the formulation of her artistic vocabulary. 
The Nilufar gallery, through the most significant works, narrates the imaginative universe of Gabriella Crespi, always balanced between a discreet elegance and a futuristic experimental approach, in an exhibition at Via della Spiga 32 in Milan, scheduled to open on 25 October, and on view until 25 January 2024.

"Gabriella Crespi" @ NILUFAR, via della Spiga.
“Gabriella Crespi” @ NILUFAR, via della Spiga.

The show takes place in the city she loved, which inspired and supported her creative spirit, and it is organized by Milan resident, Nina Yashar, the visionary spirit behind Nilufar, who met the designer at the start of the 1990s and closely monitored her career, acquiring a number of her creations. 

The result is a personal collection focused on the works, with a particular leaning towards the furnishings for domestic spaces. Thanks to significant acquisitions on the part of private collectors, Nina Yashar has put together one of the largest Italian collections of Crespi’s works. The exhibition is thus not simply a tribute to a designer and her timeless creations, but also a meeting point of similar spirits, a manifestation of Yashar’s profound esteem for the merger of artistic expression and functional design.

“Gabriella Crespi made no compromises, relying only on force and courage. She is not simply one of the greatest women designers, but also emerges as one of the most important creators of all time, a true trendsetter – says Nina Yashar. – Enhanced by her presence, Milan has become a repository of her influence, which echoes across the city’s total creative panorama. Every one of her pieces gracefully embodies her innermost personality, triggering a dialogue that continues to enrich us over time.” 

The exhibition also includes a contemporary touch, through the luminous creations of Maximilian Marchesani, in a stimulating dialogue between past and present.


Photo: Filippo Pincolini