Belt by Meridiani, Design Andrea Parisio
Belt by Meridiani, Design Andrea Parisio

To express simplicity is a daunting task. That refined, rigorous, impeccable linear image generated by products that are never banal, but focused on pure essence. Meridiani has constructed its own language with these terms, to narrate a creative approach that goes beyond time, beyond fashions, to achieve eternal elegance. The design plays with geometric and organics forms, refined materials and combinations, to always produce new impressions; the focus is on overall harmony of hues and décor solutions. Even the smallest element becomes the representation, on a reduced scale, of the same philosophy.

The authoritative examples include the Belt tables, complements with a contemporary, deeply geometric look, in a mutable, dynamic interpretation of functions, ready to address the expanded needs of the living room and – why not – the bedroom zone as well. A constellation of high and low, square and round tables, faithful companions in the everyday living room, juxtaposed with armchairs and sofas, or acting as a fulcrum around which to stage the convivial pleasures of the home.

With their great versatility, they can also be featured in entrances, lounge areas, bedrooms, relying on their sophisticated and minimal design to establish a dialogue with a wide range of styles and contexts. The aesthetic key of this family created by the art director Andrea Parisio is geometric perfection. Decorative solids or domestic totems, their interpretation always involves the ideal of “beautiful and well made” of Meridiani.

The careful workmanship and artisanal touch are clearly perceptible. Starting with the vivid outer border, for which the name of the collection is a direct reference, embracing every coffee table solution in finishes of bronze-tone brass or platinum coated steel. Like a precious bracelet, it frames the complements, culminating in the contrasting tops: glass, mirrors, lacquer or marble complete the products, generating different tactile sensations and various optical effects.

In particular, the Mirror version is entire clad with reflecting surfaces. The Belt collection, with its elementary design, becomes the summary of know-how with deep roots, and of a vision of habitation that is both intimate and contemporary.