Ketch by Poliform, design Jean-Marie Massaud
Ketch by Poliform, design Jean-Marie Massaud

The Casa Poliform is now a complete universe. After having expanded the daytime and night systems, and after having enhanced the settings of the living area with upholstered furnishings and complements, also addressing the bedroom; after the entrance in the technological world of kitchens and convivial spaces that center on the dining table, only outdoor settings remained as an unexplored but potential dimension, bringing to life a project that embraces the entire concept of the home as a whole. A proper amount of time was needed to formulate offerings with a multiplicity of elements, based on the distinctive DNA of the brand and its lifestyle. But today, with the debut of the first open-air collection, Poliform can fully express its idea of habitation: fluid spaces where the indoor-outdoor dialogue is driven by a shared style based on discreet elegance, on “quiet luxury.” 

Ketch by Poliform, design Jean-Marie Massaud

In the new outdoor collection the company seeks that intrinsic bond between human beings and nature, doing so through the creative thinking of Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, Marcel Wanders and Soo Chan. Four designers with their own stylistic approaches, coming to terms with life in the open air according to Poliform.

Jean-Marie Massaud has taken his cue from the world of yachting, creating Ketch, a line of sofas and seating featuring a flexible back, like a sail extending between two masts on a boat. It is supported by a structure in solid iroko wood with gently curving lines, also containing the soft, ample and comfortable cushions, ideal for use in outdoor settings.

The designer, at the same time, has reinterpreted one of his icons, the Le Club chair, in an outdoor version, keeping faith with the original design. The curves that set the piece apart remain the same, while the level of comfort is boosted and the covering material evolves: a fabric made by weaving flat polypropylene cords.

Le Club by Poliform,
design Jean-Marie Massaud

Magnolia by Poliform,
design Emmanuel Gallina

Magnolia by Poliform, design Emmanuel Gallina

The delicate touch of Emmanuel Gallina can be seen in the Magnolia line, including a sofa, an armchair, a daybed and a cot, with a particular idea of lightness applied by the designer to shape the wood. Sinuous minimal profiles form the structures of the various items, in a positive interaction with fabrics and fillers.

Crew by Poliform,
design Jean-Marie Massaud

Strata by Poliform,
design Emmanuel Gallina

A different approach goes into the collection of large and small tables created by the French designer for Poliform. Between sculpture and furniture, the Strata coffee tables have to do with mineral stratifications. They display organic forms, enhanced by the material, Cementoskin®, an innovative substance with high strength.

The Monolith table recovers the sensorial and vivid presence of the material, like Cementoskin® and basalt stone, shaped like a dolmen with a monumental aesthetic.

Monolith by Poliform, design Emmanuel Gallina

Mad by Poliform, design Marcel Wanders

Soori by Poliform, design Soo Chan

Marcel Wanders has made his iconic Mad collection into an outdoor classic, already at its debut: the sofa and chair adapt perfectly to an open-air context, taking the back in woven cord as a fascinating ploy to interact with other natural elements, without sacrificing the style and solidity of the family of upholstered furnishings for interiors.

The theme of the weave returns in the island of comfort designed by Soo Chan, the Soori bed lounge. A rounded form and a relaxed design, playing with the weave of the back and the covering fabrics to create multiple tactile and visual sensations.