Salinas by Talenti, design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba
Salinas by Talenti, design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Salinas takes the relationship with nature to extremes. The recent collection by Talenti created by the duo Ludovica+Roberto Palomba – in a long-term relationship with the Umbria-based company – displays the most authentic aspects of a line of outdoor furnishings, conceived to be immersed in the panorama in a constant relationship. On the one hand, expression through form: the design makes vivid references to the world of nature for its inspiration, especially the part of Ibiza for which it is named, with its charm, colors and contours. “A landscape where the lands utilized to gather salt look towards uncontaminated beaches – Ludovica and Roberto Palomba explain. – Immersed in greenery, contemporary villas with minimal volumes overlook this view, where we have imagined daily life around a large swimming pool.”

On the other hand, and of even greater importance, there are the materials: every element of the Salinas family, composed of sofas, chairs, benches, cots and tables, is made with natural or eco-sustainable materials, to reduce environmental impact to a minimum and to last in time. The research on “green” materials begins with the collection’s main component, namely the fabrics used to cover soft cushions, in contrast with the padded belting of the back.

With this collection, Talenti introduces a new 100% green fabric (totally Made in Italy) created by recycling post-consumer PET bottles, ready for further recycling at the end of the product’s life cycle. The production of the recycled PET yarn is also part of a sustainable perspective: it requires fewer steps of workmanship, leading to considerable savings on energy and water, and a clear reduction of carbon emissions. The sustainable character of these fabrics does not compromise their quality and comfort, nor does it alter the chromatic impact, ranging from sand tones to hues of the sea.

The “green” surfaces also include wood, in its most authentic form: for the dining and coffee tables Talenti has chosen Accoya® wood, the equivalent of solid wood but eco-friendly because it comes from sustainable fast-growth forests, is totally non-toxic and offers exceptional levels of stability of size and durability, with FSC certification.

The structures of the seating elements, on the other hand, are in aluminium: the material is light, strong and durable, and very sustainable because it can be infinitely recycled. Combining green fabrics, Accoya wood and aluminium, Talenti generates a refined collection with a contemporary spirit, in touch with the surrounding world and epitomizing the constant experimental approach of the company.

The same attitude can be seen in the unusual use of concrete for the construction of dining and coffee tables, a choice that brings a statuary character to the collection, and of volcanic stone for the tops of several coffee tables, a material having a strong bond with the territory, to amplify the appeal of the furniture in a harmony of hues and coverings.