Jack-e by Bolzan, design Zanellato/Bortotto - Photo © Omar Sartor
Jack-e by Bolzan, design Zanellato/Bortotto - Photo © Omar Sartor

In 2017 the duo Zanellato/Bortotto designed Jack for Bolzan, a textile bed with a contemporary image, with essential lines and a light structure. The epitome of a dynamic, versatile night zone, in terms of use and in terms of style. Today the identity of Jack has been updated, expanding on its particular merits in a more sustainable perspective. The two designers have opted to adapt a successful model rather than designing a new one, betting on its durability. Jack-e – the name of the evolution – becomes a metaphor not only of new habitat trends, but above all of the company’s “green” philosophy of environmental and territorial awareness.

Jack-e revises the original model, not in terms of aesthetics but of the materials that give it form. The coated metal of the structure has been replaced by wood, and the two tubular supports of the headboard and footboard (personalized for size) are covered in fabric or leather, carefully selected from certified raw materials for low environmental impact.
To achieve these results Bolzan has developed collaborations with nearby sources and suppliers, all marked by a high level of craftsmanship.

For the wooden structure of Jack-e, Bolzan has turned to the LorisTill woodworking shop. The materials come from certified forests, and are treated with natural stains (varieties of clay and crushed stone, soaked in boiling water to generate the color) applied by  brushing and rubbing, in keeping with age-old traditions.

The eco-sustainable natural fabrics are the result of in-depth research conducted by Torri Lana 1885: the Sacile collection created for the coverings uses pre-consumer cotton: a short yarn that is generally discarded and now meets with a novel application, with warp in hemp and weft in American cotton with a sunburst effect, woven on a double-beam jacquard loom to boost strength.

The three-dimensional texture is vibrant and deep, accentuating the pattern created by Zanellato/Bortotto, a direct reference to the intertwining of willow branches, typical of the landscape of Sacile and the territory of the company’s roots, between the Veneto and Friuli. The Pietro Presot tannery has provided the leathers, all of European origin, produced in total respect for animal welfare and certified as OGM free.

“Jack-e bears witness to a virtuous world, in which commitment to the territory, beauty and respect for the environment spring from a single goal of making things well,” the company explains. From materials to workmanship to transport, since the bed is shipped in parts to diminish environmental impact in the cycle of production and distribution.

Photo © Omar Sartor