Beyond the surface

Hovering between art, reality and technology, Iris Ceramica Group opened a futuristic flagship store in London

ICG Gallery by Iris Ceramica Group, London
ICG Gallery by Iris Ceramica Group, London

In an increasingly London-based Clerkenwell hub of design and planning, with an extraordinary density of showrooms, Iris Ceramica Group has set up an immersive itinerary – the ICG Gallery– that elevates the Emilian company’s collections to a perceptual level that anticipates their peculiarities.

Unlock The Experience” is the headline of Iris Ceramica Group’s proposal, a richly concrete suggestion that starts from the windows: passersby’s movements are accompanied by the simulation of a virtual rain. Water thus is the starting point: because it is a fundamental element to create green hydrogen, the resource that will power the H2 Factory, the company’s new super green factory.

An invitation that involves sight and soul, conveying the potential of a path, but also – if not above all – the great project related to sustainability to which Iris Ceramica Group is strongly committed.

On the ground floor, augmented reality is the key to presenting Active Surfaces®, eco-active surfaces that through a friendly App visitors can discover in all their features and properties: here the virtual becomes 100% real.

On the second floor we move from emotions to concrete opportunities: a rich Material Gallery and a collection of moodboards with a strong visual impact welcome the individual and the professional. But even here a share of excitement and surprise cannot be missed: it is “Attract. Smart living goes magnetic”, a magnetic laying system that is the latest innovation from Iris Ceramica Group.

On the -1 floor, the third stage of the itinerary, a cozy lounge is dedicated to design applications: touch surfaces for home automation that allow installing invisible controls, tailor-made furniture and smart solutions. A set that emphasizes technological research, a true asset of Iris Ceramica Group.

On the three floors of its flagship store in London, Iris Ceramica Group has been able to build a “technical” space that is also a communication tool, a manual on how to communicate content and how to harmoniously organize spaces. A place where the welcome and the proposed path – attractive, effective – create engagement. And a fruitful exchange of values between company and audience.

ICG Gallery – 61-67, Old Street – London EC1V 9HW