The June moodboard pays homage to the international legend of the aperitif. The orange color is a starting point to create an atmosphere – two of them in fact – sparkling or relaxing. Without the alcohol

2023/06: Spritzdye
2023/06: Spritzdye

Recently it has gotten harder to distinguish between new fashions and passing oddities. But what we present in this moodboard – we’re willing to wager – should last at least to the end of summer. We call it Spritzdye because it takes its color cue from the famous drink, to formulate a hypercharged environment. But without the alcohol.

Spaghetti Paludis chair by Alias, design Giandomenico Belotti
Faventia vase by Liu Jo Living Collection, available in a range of shapes and colours

You don’t have to be a bartender to create the right mix. Just balance the right amounts of a few ingredients. Let’s start with a foundation of Prosecco… oops, no, with a base of brick red made with the new finish created by Fenix, shared in two complementary settings.

Conche/FF-05 wallpaper by WallPepper
0789 Rosso Namib by Fenix

On the left, a corner of the living area framed by geometric wallpaper that dilutes the orange with a bouquet of more muted tones: pink, gray, earth, clay. At center stage, a chair and an ottoman with rounded forms are matched with a bar cabinet (obviously, since we’re talking about drinks) and a lamp-jewel for an ironically frivolous touch. To the right, a detail of the dining corner with a table and chair that stand out against off-size flowers on the handpainted wallpaper. And then there is Ruggiero, a quadrupedal intruder.

Ongo Battery lamp by Contardi, design Jessica Corr/Tzelan
Azul armchair by Turri Design, design Paola Navone

From left: the chromatic geometry of the Conche/FF-05 wallcovering by WallPepper creates the right perspective for the staging of the living area; acting as a frame, FENIX 0789 Rosso Namib is the new color of the material made with acrylic resins of the new generation; for the dining zone, large petals on a black background for the Floating Peonies pattern embroidered by hand on silk in the surface by Misha Wallcovering; combined with a powdery touch of Confetto Rosa ceramic tile by Marazzi.

Confetto tiles by Marazzi
Floating Peonies wallcovering by Misha Wallpaper

The bar cabinet is a must in this story: Plissé by Draga & Aurel for Baxter features a base in burnished brass and curved doors in veneered poplar plywood. The triangular pleated motif has one side in matte black oak, while the other is covered in leather.
Paola Navone designs the Azul chair for Turri, with a macro-weave of velvet made by hand.

Tweed Marble table by Zanotta, design Garcia Cumini

A distinctive silhouette, a wide range of colored coverings and playful design are the earmarks of the Baby Spheric pouf created by the Ukrainian designer Kateryna Sokolova for her brand Noom.Lucente, the new lighting project by Gupica for Visionnaire, is like a carousel of XL bijoux running along a chain.

Strøm Small fruit bowl by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen
Baby Spheric pouf by Noom, design Kateryna Sokolva

For the dining corner we have chosen the refined organic form of the Tweed Marble table designed by Garcia Cumini, one of the latest creations of Zanotta.
An evolution of the famous Spaghetti chair by Giandomenico Belotti for Alias, the Paludis version combines a minimal metal structure with special “straw” composed of woven recycled paper.

Lucente lamp by Visionnaire, design Gupica
Tonda lamp by Foscarini, design Ferruccio Laviani

As a reinterpretation of Italian design of the 1960s and 1970s, the Tonda suspension lamp in blown glass has been created by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini.
On the table, Ongo Battery based on collaboration between Jessica Corr for Tzelan, Tony Chi and Contardi, a rechargeable lamp with a mushroom-like form.

Plissé bar cabinet by Baxter, design Draga & Aurel
Ruggiero by Blogo Design

Faventia from the Liu Jo Living Collection is a vase made in terracotta, available in various finishes and models.
On the table, the Strøm Small cup is inspired by the still lifes of the Danish modernist artist Vilhelm Lundstrøm. Produced by hand in Portugal, these sculptural pieces have been created by the Danish designer Nicholai Wiig-Hansen.
And here’s the intruder: the name is Ruggiero and it is a French bulldog made of resin, complete with pedigree, as guaranteed by Blogo Design.