Art and geometry

These two themes dominate the projects presented in this 19th .Wonder Book. These complex, many-faceted projects embody the world of art each, with their own perspective, each with their own skill at blending geometry and art

Unlike in previous .Wonder editorials, we will not mention names or architects, but we will simply invite you to take the time to discover the beauty revealed on every page, a beauty achieved through the skill of architects and designers working in synergy with the property owners. In this sum of creations, geometry and decoration are at their best in the vertical extensions.

We go on a journey that is not simplistic, where each project merits us stopping to consider its details and design touches that will make us marvel and sigh in wonder. This .Wonder Book has explored niches of architecture and interior designs made with refinement and balance, where even the crypto world (very connected to art) has brought in architects and interior designers to represent its power and reality.

Our journey is taken in 24 stages, plus 12 Wonder Pages — the height of beauty — and 3 interviews, to Tim Bowder Ridger of Conran and Partners, Joe Cheng of CCD, Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz, that recount the philosophies of distant worlds that have become leaders in Asia and Europe, highlighting the primacy of these two geographical areas in the best recent design, as we have had the chance to show in previous issues as well.

Enjoy the ride!