Furla and symmetry

The first home collection by Furla has landed in Milan: fresh and global, but also relying on the nearly century-long history of the brand. From Bologna to Hong Kong, with daily departures towards the rest of the world, along a path that starts in Japan, crosses China and looks to Europe and the United States

Furla - Photo © Fernando Guerra
Furla - Photo © Fernando Guerra

The first Furla Home collection arrives from the constantly energized area of Asia Pacific, presented and represented by the exclusive licensee Magnificat and its founder Alessio Sghinolfi, with over 20 years of experience in the field. While the setting with the three Furla Home collections is being set up on the terrace of the Milano Verticale hotel, Alessio Sghinolfi tells IFDM how the project began.

Alessio Sghinolfi
Alessio Sghinolfi

“The entry of Furla in the world of furnishings brings the DNA of Made in Italy together with the spirit of Furla, a mixture that has produced three elegant, young and lively collections, with the right balance between color and detail, offering excellent but also affordable quality. Like all the products of Furla. Furla Home sets out to dress up the home, but also the time of those who live inside it, with a complete lifestyle project formulated for all latitudes. This is why we have chosen young and rising designers from Brazil, Malaysia and China, people not yet contaminated by the sector, who have ideas that perfectly match the aims of the Furla Home project.”

What about distribution?
We will definitely start in Asia Pacific and first of all in Japan (Furla’s leading market), and then move into China, followed by Europe (Milan and London) and the USA.

How do you explain Furla’s great success in Japan?
The Japanese public is young and very brand-addicted, and if they choose you they really choose you. Of course the company has invested a lot in the right locations and communication.

How does the home collection fit into Furla’s visibility in the world?
We have programmed the opening of flagship stores (three in the first three years, Shanghai, Milan and London), and the presence of Furla Home accessories in shops all over the world.

How are the collections organized?
There are four lines, Opportunity, Venus, Cosmo and Canaletto. Opportunity is a collection of enveloping sofas, with fine fabrics and leathers, soft colors and modular structures. Venus offers elegant, contemporary seating with a Nordic touch. Cosmo includes tables with harmonious silhouettes, finished with fine marble and special alloys. Canaletto also features tables, but with respect to Cosmo the forms are more minimal, with essential geometric lines.

Furla Home can be explored on the terrace at the Milano Verticale hotel, from 18 to 23 April.