Natuzzi, a new space in San Diego

The Italian brand opens its third point of sale in California (with the new retail design by Fabio Novembre), its 17th facility in North America

Natuzzi Italia showroom, San Diego
Natuzzi Italia showroom, San Diego

Natuzzi Italia announces the opening of a new showroom in San Diego (4575 La Jolla Village Drive), the third point of sale in California after Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, and the 17th in North America (Natuzzi SpA has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1993).

The store is based on the retail concept by Fabio Novembre, a tribute to the culture, traditions and atmospheres of Puglia, the birthplace of both Natuzzi and Novembre. The heart of the design is a central area, which like a Mediterranean piazza is formed by a series of arches that suggest the typical architecture of the region. The space contains a multifunctional lounge for encounters with clients.

The new store in San Diego has an overall area of 556 sqm, in an open layout through 18 settings where visitors are immersed in the world of Natuzzi Italia, in a continuing flow where bestsellers are juxtaposed with the latest new creations in the collections. 

The settings – living, dining and night – installed in the new Californian showroom reference the typical features of the Puglia countryside, the farmhouses, the olive groves, the warm light on the sea. Atmospheres and details – from the materials to the chromatic choices – formulate a work of architecture that epitomizes the Mediterranean spirit, which Natuzzi Italia embraces as a symbol of a perfect idea of relaxation. Which the company has taken into homes around the world for 60 years.