Astral Coolors by TXXNTY Brand Design, Design Studio In Project
Astral Coolors by TXXNTY Brand Design, Design Studio In Project

A project to light up the future, a synthesis of dynamism and versatility. This is the concept that gives rise to TXXNTY Brand Design, created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Euroluce Light of Italy, with the prospect of shaping new creations, a tribute to and full expression of the feelings and identity of the individual. A trending philosophy based on long-term expertise, taking its cue from a decades-long tradition capable of combining attention to detail, pursuit of perfection, a constant focus on the use of materials and components, made possible by the high quality of the experience of Made in Italy and the mastery of expert craftsmen.

TXXNTY Brand Design is a whirling vortex of geometric games and colors, a balance of imagery between the reality that overwhelms us and the future we desire, as well as an invitation to open up to unexpected experiences and new interpretations of spaces. Through dynamic creations, it is light itself that shapes settings, that gives body and character to offices, conference rooms, stores, letting the magic spread through halls and lobbies in sumptuous hotels and residential complexes, in universe still to be illuminated and discovered.   

Thanks to the synergic collaboration of the team of designers “Studio In Project” helmed by Michele Losito, after Astral – an emotional collection that evokes the spectacle of the cosmos and its stars – along comes Astral Coolors, a line of suspension lamps that foresees trends with a minimalist matrix, with versatile products that are ideal, above all, for the world of contract furnishings, perfectly matching theatrical and functional impact.

Metallic reflections with futuristic character, little treasure troves ready to unleash warm, welcoming light, unexpected and unusual compositions that generate wonder without becoming excessive, all in a single ‘cool’ line, as the name implies.

To ensure full individual expression and perfect enhancement of settings, every product in this line can be personalized: bright colors, metallic finishes, a modular design that permits infinite experimentation. Every item of Astral Coolors is transformed from a simple useful object to a true work of art, charged with meaning and personality, just as every element invented by the brand becomes an ambassador of beauty, embodying the true value of Made in Italy.