Loto & Panarea, Design by Atmosphera Creative Lab
Loto & Panarea, Design by Atmosphera Creative Lab

Refinement and style are key terms usually associated with interiors, which in all their facets have to respond to needs of functionality while reflecting the personality of their inhabitants. Starting with this premise, the challenge met by Atmosphera is even more stimulating, as a brand operating internationally in the world of outdoor design, with the aim of bringing the same character to outdoor zones as well, exploring innovative solutions. The idea is to bring the same refinement to a context where two different worlds meet, that of living en plein air: a place where human beings and nature have to blend perfectly, in the tranquility of a domestic setting or in the setup of workspaces, all with an accent on sustainability.

Atmosphera’s new offerings are flexible and multifunctional, always impeccable in their style and their refinement of workmanship and materials. The new entries are Loto and Panarea, a modular sofa and tables sharing a taste for comfortable, curvy design.

The Loto modular sofa, which won the German Design Award in the category “Excellent Product Design – Furniture,” stands out for its clean, elegant lines, in keeping with a concept perfectly in tune with the sinuous, delicate image suggested in the name (which means ‘lotus’). The aluminium structure combines lightness and sustainability, while the arched shell forms an enveloping back and seat, with flexible elements for the creation of different compositions to generate dynamic convivial situations.

The idea of an outdoor gathering place and zone of relaxation emerges clearly in the originality and colors of Panarea, a table in shiny glazed ceramic made with a casting technique, available in the finishes terracotta and emerald green, and in the very new aquamarine and olive green versions. A minimal, sparkling minimal piece, in perfect balance between decoration and function, made by expert craftsmen with a particular method that adds distinctive character to every item.

The choice of this process stems from the company’s need to formulate an approach to production that is increasingly sustainable and compatible with the environment. The products are made with white clay, mixed with chamotte obtained by recycling already fired ceramic pieces. The results are dried in the sunlight, or by using the heat produced during the firing phases, all without the use of solvents and without wasting water.