Théorème Éditions in Paris: a new design gallery

In the lively 1st arrondissement, the producer of furniture editions and objects presents a series of unconventional creations. Strictly made by hand, in a deep synergy between designers and artisans

Théorème Éditions – Photo © Mickaël Llorca
Théorème Éditions – Photo © Mickaël Llorca

The poetry of movement of a jellyfish is summed up in a plaster structure combined with an LED system in the Jellyfish lamp designed by Emmanuelle Sion; sinuous forms and softness meet the pure geometry of the Achille chair created by the duo Pool, a/k/a Lea Padovani and Sebastien Kieffer; the power of images imprinted in the mind by the creatives of the studio Service Generaux materializes in the Contenu series of seamless resin vases.

These are just some of the pieces – crafted by hand by artisans based in France and the Netherlands – in the collections of Théorème Éditions, to discover firsthand in a new space in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris (168 Galerie Valois).

Poetic impact, uniqueness, bold forms and experiments with techniques and materials: the collections of Théorème Éditions, a young brand founded in 2019 by David Giroire and Jérôme Bazzocchi, offer a series of furnishings, complements and objects of sculptural character, based on the vision of a selected group of contemporary designers. All the pieces are numbered and signed.

Sharing a passion for design – Giroire is the owner of an advertising agency, while Bazzocchi arrives from the cosmetics industry – the founders have envisioned a maison of editions, based on intense interaction between designers and artisans, in a context of mutual curiosity and challenge, where all parties get beyond their comfort zones.

In a space of 75 sqm lit by large windows facing the portico of the garden, the elegant Galerie Théoreme Éditions displays the creations, combined with works of painting, sculpture and photography, for a nonchalant insertion in the lively context of the 1st arrondissement.

One of the most historic and evocative locations in the city – not far from the Louvre and the enchanting Tuileries Garden – this district has long been a pioneer of contemporary developments: just consider the columns by Daniel Buren, punctuating the main courtyard of the palace since the 1980s.

Furthermore: a few blocks away, in 2021 the contemporary art museum of the Pinault Collection was opened in the former Bourse de Commerce, while various French media channels have indicated that Fondation Cartier will open a new facility at Place du Palais Royal (expected for 2024, the 40th anniversary of its birth).

Photo © Mickaël Llorca