Egeo, Valencia
Egeo, Valencia

Client: Egeo
Interior design: Studio Masquespacio (Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse)
Furniture & Customized Lighting: Design Masquespacio, local production
Photo credits: Sebastian Erras

With an iconic name and a shade of blue that it automatically brings to mind, Egeo is the first restaurant in Valencia for a Greek chain in which concepts of tradition and typical character are mixed in an unmistakable and unusual game of high impact. In relation to an existing process of branding – the chain of popular souvlaki venues already has two locations in Madrid – the Spanish studio Masquespacio had to maintain the continuity with the other identities, in compliance with “their Greek-minimalist aesthetic, while at the same time offering a different experience,” says Christophe Penasse, who runs the studio together with Ana Milena Hernández.

The designers have kept the palette of Egeo colors in tones of white and blue, while attempting to “materialize Greece in space,” says Ana Milena Hernández, applying the beauty of cement-like materials typical of Greek houses. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the venue is on the upper walls, which incorporate volumes with organic, sinuous forms.

A decisive role is played by the Klein blue columns produced with 3D printing which point to the romantic aspect of ruins, conveying impressions of the unfinished, bridged by the insertion of LED tubes in the structure.

The alternation of white and blue also returns in the furnishings: from the tables in metal and wood placed in various areas of the restaurant, also blending their hues with the floor, to the assortment of vases and crockery, steeped in the same white as the walls from which decorative luminous organic forms emerge.

The archetype is renewed and spreads around the tables in the monolithic wooden stools, where careful observation reveals bases, shafts and capitals. The counter for orders is placed at the center of the space, with the aim of creating a lively environment, like a mobile kiosk for souvlaki in the middle of a Greek market.