An ode to Italian savoir-faire

In Copenhagen, one of the worldwide capitals of design (and World Capital of Architecture 2023), Molteni&C has opened a warm, experiential space. In the heart of the city’s design district

Molteni&C store, Copenhagen
Molteni&C store, Copenhagen


A combination of neutral and relaxing tones, an elegant floor in travertine and a fireplace to add atmosphere. These are the ingredients of the welcoming spaces inside the new store of Molteni&C in Copenhagen: 200 sqm in an exceptional location, on the first floor of Galleri K, in the heart of the very central design district of the city, which this year will also be the World Capital of Architecture.

With the debut of this new store Molteni&C consolidates its lasting bond with Danish creativity, especially with the prestigious interior design firm Interstudio, with which the brand has collaborated to create the new space, a showcase for its bestsellers and most iconic pieces, made in collaboration with some of the most important architects and designers on the Italian and international scene.

Organized in solutions that convey a sensation of continuity between one area and the next, like a small partition with green plants, or the Hector bookcase in its Night version (designed by Vincent Van Duysen, creative director of Molteni&C), the spaces are arranged along a harmonious path: from an intimate atrium communicating with a lounge, whose protagonists are the Asterias table by Patricia Urquiola, two Margou chairs and the Louisa table, both by Van Duysen, visitors reach a living area featuring the iconic modular Paul sofa, an Elain chair (again by Van Duysen), and the Password system created by Dante Bonuccelli.

The eye-catcher in the night zone is the Gliss Master wardrobe cabin (Van Duysen), joined by a soft Vibrazioni carpet (Marta Ferri), while the dining area is brightened by the Piroscafo cabinet (a historic piece by Aldo Rossi and Luca Meda) and a bookcase displaying design objects. These items help to bring out the allure of the Filigree table and the Chelsea chairs, both by Rodolfo Dordoni, after which the itinerary leads to the elegant VVD kitchen by Van Duysen: a triumph of clean lines – free of handles – and interesting contrasts between materials, full volumes like those of the worktops and the empty spaces of the hanging storage units.