A glimpse of Venice

Light becomes material, together with glass, in the artistic creations of Murano on view inside iDOGI Spazio Milano, an evocative, inspiring new place for designers, architects, collectors and professionals

iDOGI Spazio Milano, Parthenon modular system – Photo © Mauro Consilivio courtesy of iDOGI
iDOGI Spazio Milano, Parthenon modular system – Photo © Mauro Consilivio courtesy of iDOGI

At Foro Buonaparte 55, in the center of the Lombardy capital (near the Sforza Castle), the new challenge of the brand iDOGI: a space focusing on the centuries-old tradition of Murano glassmaking, where the company founded in 1968 displays its most impressive creations: chandeliers, furnishings and luminous sculptures.

iDOGI Spazio Milano has been created as a place to meet and exchange ideas, inspiring clients and designers with the highest level of traditional workmanship interpreted through the splendor of archaic and modern forms.

Light becomes a fundamental factor to bring two exceptional and precious crafted creations to life, two large chandeliers in Rezzonico style, standing out as the protagonists at the center of the space: Napoleon, richly decorated in 24k gold, and Sagredo, offering a true explosion of colors.


The light also spreads in the Quadrante table in the central space, topped by a large horizontal Long Island lamp. Parthenon, a modular system of luminous architectural elements for walls and divider systems, establishes a dialogue in the entrance area with the Galassia bookcase, a vertical support structure in which the light crosses the shelves in glass and crystal.

There are also experimental pieces like Planetarium, an evocative bulbous lamp that emits warm enveloping light through cups decorated with thin but forceful lines, underscoring the excellence of the craftsmanship.


Domenico Caminiti, president of iDOGI, explains: “We work with the finest master glassmakers and artisans in Venice, where we have our showroom and headquarters, augmented by a glassworks and an experimental hub in Murano. With iDOGI Spazio Milano we want to extend a creative network that is increasingly open to the whole world. At the same time, we want to preserve and update the world of artistic Venetian glass, because this is the future of the sector.” 

iDOGI Spazio Milano, located inside a historic building with an elegant courtyard enhanced by plants, also includes a space for design, with a materials library, where visitors can touch and experience the magic of timeless objects.

All photos © Mauro Consilvio, courtesy of iDOGI