NUDO Collection: soft like stone

The collaboration between interior designer and style icon Kelly Wearstler and ARCA has led to a collection composed of linear but sinuous forms. Complex intertwining shapes in precious marble and onyx, which are actually functional sculptures: seats, tables, consoles, plates and bowls

NUDO Collection by ARCA – Design Kelly Wearstler
NUDO Collection by ARCA – Design Kelly Wearstler

There’s something special about the creations of Kelly Wearstler. A playful sense of style and lightness. This is the signature she puts into all her projects: from the first hotels that made her famous in the early 2000s (Avalon in Beverly Hills, Viceroy in Palm Springs) to the more recent achievements.

Wearstler was steeped in design from an early age, accompanying her mother – an antiques dealer – to auctions, markets and shops. She learned about beauty and style, and this background is reflected in the many artistic references she nimbly inserts in her pieces, which are always full of life.

In Miami, for the week of art and design, Kelly Wearstler presents the NUDO Collection: 16 furnishing elements and six accessories made with natural stones. Soft stylized forms, similar to knots or complex weaves, with specific functions: seating, tables and consoles conceived as functional sculptures, shaped in precious materials (marble and onyx varieties with full, dense colors).

“The collection is a nuanced and sensual interplay of suppleness and strength,” the designer explains. “The universal craft of weaving is rooted in ancient cultures from across the globe and each piece in NUDO pays homage to that history”. Produced in collaboration with ARCA, a global supplier of facings (natural stones, tiles, wood), the collection is on display at ARCA Wynwood (260 NW 27th Street), the company’s Miami showroom. In an immersive installation created by Wearstler for the occasion.