The whole world of Porro in China

In the brand’s new showroom in Beijing, a spotlight on the excellence of furnishings Made in Italy. Amidst sliding partitions, transparent elements and material combinations inspired by the simplicity of Nordic design, the key word is flexibility

Porro showroom, Beijing
Porro showroom, Beijing

The appeal of neutral tones sets the welcoming character of the new Porro showroom opened in Beijing. From the resin floors to the wooden slats of the ceilings, the atmosphere is that of a true Porro signature home, interpreting its multiple spaces and enhanced by natural light that enters through the large windows: a project created by the brand together with its art director, the architect and designer Piero Lissoni, in collaboration with Jiancasa, an importer of construction materials and furniture by prestigious international brands.

On the windows the Porro logo designed in 1966 by the great master Bruno Munari sums up the brand’s bond with its past: a heritage stated from the outset, which lives on in the company’s approach to a contemporary lifestyle created in Italy, based on outstanding design, elegance and functional quality.

“Thanks to a revolutionary and advanced production facility that eliminates warehouse stock by working just-in-time, with excellent results in terms of quality of cutting and covering of panels, potential for personalization, reduction of waste and improvement of sustainability, Porro is able to always offer a different, unique domestic setting,” says Maria Porro, director of marketing and communication. “This store demonstrates this ability, where the company’s systems, which are complex but flexible works of architecture, generate spaces in an original way, in dialogue with the product collections.”

From the living area to the night zone, the Porro collection of systems and furnishings surrounds visitors thanks to the continuity of the various settings, made possible by sliding partition systems like Glide (designed by Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio), and transparent compositions like Storage (designed by Piero Lissoni + Centro Ricerche Porro), interpreted in a new cuvée finish, and backs in White cherry, a reminder of essential Nordic atmospheres.

The protagonists for relaxation are the Kite Sofa created by the Danish-Italian duo GamFratesi, also the designers of the Traveller daybed in cowhide with a ‘saddle effect.’ 

Games of colors and materials form the suspended composition of Modern (Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro), while the China red metallic finish of the Gap hanging bookcases designed by Carlo Tamborini interacts with the Materic dining table in Calacatta Oro marble and stainless steel by Piero Lissoni. The interesting boiserie effect of the Load-it bookcase adds warmth and personality to the studio zone, suggesting an enveloping retro image in contemporary terms.