Polar by Pedrali, Design Jorge Pensi Design Studio - Art direction Studio FM, Photo © Andrea Garuti, Styling Studio Salaris
Polar by Pedrali, Design Jorge Pensi Design Studio - Art direction Studio FM, Photo © Andrea Garuti, Styling Studio Salaris

The evolution of Pedrali stays in step with that of interior design, especially in offices, where the company is a true protagonist. Not just seating – the brand’s original calling and specialty – but also a world of complements and furnishings for the living area, outdoor zones, the home office, workspaces, and areas set aside for socializing and collective activities. The firm’s path of design growth unfolds in a vivid interpretation of contemporary style, with the aim of responding to constantly changing needs, with plenty of creativity and color.

The same broad perspective is matched vertically in a precise segment, that of the office, which today is a focus of intense rethinking and redesign to achieve versatility and hybridization. Here Pedrali unleashes all its expertise and its variegated language to establish a perfect dialogue with modern trends.

While new work habits demand spaces open to the community, in which to foster teamwork and interaction, they also call for more secluded areas for creativity and concentration. Pedrali’s response is to offer a wide range of products in relation to these approaches, with custom solutions based on a new normality of professional life, with an accent on physical and emotional wellbeing.

Furnishings become flexible, functional and sustainable, to create workspaces that are easy to personalize and reconfigure for the needs of the moment, in waiting rooms, high-image offices, breakout zones, and even domestic settings – the home office has become a full-fledged part of everyday life. Within this scenario, new creations find an ideal context, formulated in collaboration between Pedrali and Jorge Pensi Design Studio: the Polar operative seating guarantees maximum personalization of ergonomics thanks to the use of simple, intuitive built-in mechanisms.

Polar by Pedrali, Design Jorge Pensi Design Studio

“The perfect balance between ergonomics and aesthetics”

Polar is dynamic by nature, easily deployed in different operative contexts, such as offices, multifunctional spaces and residences. This is possible not only in terms of an organic, light image (also thanks to the back in breathable and flexible polyester screen), but above all due to the design that calls for built-in mechanisms ready to adapt to different uses, positions and postures. A part in injection molded polypropylene is placed in the zone of the lower back, and can be adjusted by the user; the seat (in polyurethane foam) can be modified in depth through a mechanism that permits movement. Another self-weighing synchro mechanism independently regulates movement intensity in relation to body weight, for adaptability and extreme comfort.

“Polar is the result of what we see as the perfect balance between ergonomics and aesthetics –Jorge Pensi explains.  – It is a ‘class A’ chair that complies with all the requirements for everyday use in the office; at the same time, it has been designed not to occupy more space or use more material than is strictly necessary.”

The customization is not just a matter of ergonomics, but also of structure: Polar is available in chair or armchair versions, the latter with armrests in an essential design, adjustable for height, depth, width and direction. This makes it even easier to use the products in different contexts, from the home to the workspace.

“The versatility of the home office keeps growing in its importance, which is why we attempt to make our products soft, enveloping, ready to coexist with other furniture in the home, without seeming like intruders.” Polar is another facet of the collaboration between the company and the Spanish studio, after the creation last year of the Temps executive chair. The shared intention is to “create useful, beautiful and timeless objects.”

Photo © Andrea Garuti, Art direction Studio FM, Styling Studio Salaris