Modulnova: design and material

For the Frame Marmo - Blade Edge system of the Friuli-based company, precious materials and essential volumes are deployed for lightness. Stylistic continuity between the kitchen and the living area

Frme Marmo - Blade Edge by Modulnova, design Carlo Presotto & Andrea Bassanello
Frme Marmo - Blade Edge by Modulnova, design Carlo Presotto & Andrea Bassanello

It is always interesting to combine rigorous lines, functional quality and warm materials in the design of a home, because it gives the ‘machine à habiter’ (as Le Corbusier called it) the dimension of sensorial pleasure. Modulnova, with its Frame Marmo – Blade Edge kitchen, which extends towards the living area (designed by Carlo Presotto e Andrea Bassanello), has made a move in this direction.

In this case, the materials are White Lasa marble and solid walnut. The center of the project is the Frame island, with a top and doors in marble – where the latter feature a walnut frame. The island stands out for its sensation of lightness: the thickness of the counter has been reduced to 12 mm, while that of the side – which vanishes behind the door – is just 6 mm. Furthermore, the entire composition rests on a base that is recessed with respect to the façades: in this way, the block appears to be detached from the ground.

All the surfaces in White Lasa marble, made particularly precious by the continuity of the grain, are completed with the Azerocare finish, a certified treatment patented by Antolini, which guarantees maximum water and oil repellent protection against stains and corrosion.

On the wall, the space is defined by essential paneling, in a harmonious game of materials, volumes and colors, where the presence of solid walnut creates continuity with the border of the island’s doors. This is a detail, but it is also a sort of leitmotif of the project, which returns in the shelves of the bookcase, having a thickness of only 1 cm.

In the bookcase, an element that opens to the living area, White Lasa marble is again a protagonist, with a different texture from that of the Frame island. The marble is used here as a back, paired with Bronze Dust aluminium, juxtaposed at alternating depths. This aspect is further enhanced by the vertical cuts for light, granting importance to the material nature of the stone.

The new Blade Edge system offers a wide margin of personalization of the internal spaces, starting with the backs which can also be faced in other materials. The new accessorized shelves can be used as a worksurface or as shelf racks for glasses, completed by an extensive program of elements and accessories.