The Service & Complex Repair Facility is developed on the second-level parking tier of an office building. Originally the space had no finishes, just the basic gray construction shell. “This absence of `materiality ́ gave us a first clue, the idea to propose a space as neutral as to make the car presence the prevailing theme. More than a blank canvas, the project acts as a refractive one. More than competing with the machine the space alters the perception of it, inviting and generating individual narratives about it”.

To reflect colours of cars, walls are covered with prefabricated stainless steel panels. Neon and LED lights and their dramatic shadows emphasize perspectives and narratives – which in turn emphasize the cars.

“It was a key opportunity to create a place with surrealistic charge, that would display almost theatrical qualities. Based on operating room aesthetics, we decided to generate a space where the perception of the machine would be altered by an architectonic artifact made up of a great lamp from which stainless steel arms come out supporting convex mirrors, not only illuminating but simultaneously reflecting the car, thereby stimulating different perspectives of the vehicle at the same time”.

Photos: Outer Vision (Saúl Yuncoxar)