Gotham, Naters, Switzerland
Gotham, Naters, Switzerland

Client: Gotham Coworking
Architecture & Interior design: Gotham design studio/Baulink
Furnishings: Alias
Photo credits: Jost Kutter

The Aletsch Glacier, in the Bernese Oberland, is the largest in Switzerland and the entire range of the Alps. At its feet, in the town of Naters, there is a valid work of contemporary architecture: the Aletsch Campus, created by N4 Architects and Francesco Minniti, five buildings whose silhouette suggests a landscape of large boulders. A mixed-use complex (commercial facilities, offices, dwellings) that is also the location of the World Nature Forum, a museum devoted to this region inserted by UNESCO in the World Heritage List.

On the upper two stories of the building containing the WNF there is also the latest location of Gotham, the Swiss coworking chain. A special place facing the spectacular panorama of stone and ice of the Aletschhorn, and the flourishing greener of the valley below.

The space has been designed like a mountain: the closer you get to the top, the more the landscape is revealed. The offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms are like stages for working, relaxing or interacting with the other denizens of the structure.

The rooms have been furnished with the collections of Alias: the TEC table by Alfredo Häberli and the Rollingframe seating by Alberto Meda, featuring polyester screen coated with PVC on a structure of aluminium sections, are used for the operative offices; in the various meeting rooms, the Biplane tables by Alberto Meda, in various formats, meet the Taormina upholstered furnishings by Alfredo Häberli.

In the more open areas the Eleven High Back furnishings by PearsonLloyd create a protected zone of privacy thanks to high side and back panels. Near ping pong tables and a table soccer game, the choice has gone to the Frametable folding tables by Alberto Meda, while the Slim chairs by PearsonLloyd complete the lounge area. The selected products also include the Gran Kobi Essentiel chairs designed by Patrick Norguet. These pieces are joined by two exclusive collections designed by Alias to meet the specific needs of coworking: a flexible table system for video conferences and for spontaneous teamwork.