Reva Cocoon by Pedrali, Design Patrick Jouin
Reva Cocoon by Pedrali, Design Patrick Jouin

Hovering between tradition and innovation, light and shadow, lightness and sturdiness. So many secrets, in a simple weave of cords! Perhaps this is why this type of workmanship is so fascinating, and not only for the multiple decorative motifs created on seats and backs: dense or open, curved or geometric weaves, thick or slender, mingling with other materials or utilized on their own.

Pedrali has made this design solution a distinctive feature of two new outdoor collections, Reva Cocoon and Babila Twist. Wrapping the profiles of chairs and settees, woven polypropylene cord generates theatrical effects that interact with natural light as it filters through, in constantly mutable games of light and shadow. The regular linear patterns, without being too compact, trigger an almost airy effect, although the material in itself is extremely strong and durable, making it ideal for outdoor use. It is also a reminder of the nautical world, offering design inspiration for the application of ropes and cords in outdoor settings, for a contemporary, up-to-date interpretation of traditional workmanship.

Reva Cocoon by Pedrali,
Design Patrick Jouin

The motif of happiness

Soft lines, ample proportions, extreme freedom of use and composition: these are the values of Reva Cocoon, a lounge seating system for outdoor use created by Patrick Jouin. Every one of the elements – linear and corner arrangements, chaises longues with backs in two different heights – features woven polypropylene cord made 100% in Italy by expert artisans, adding rhythm to the enveloping stainless steel structure.

A composition that captures dreamy atmospheres, moments of calm and even of “happiness,” as the designer puts it, finding direct inspiration for the image of the entire collection. “We’ve made a sofa that protects you, that offers the possibility of seeing through, while feeling protected at the same time.” This sensation is boosted by the high back with its double curvature, which embraces the perimeter frame. The soft cushions resting on the structure provide added comfort to complete these islands of joyful relaxation.

Babila Twist by Pedrali,
Design Odo Fioravanti

Lines of thinking

Once again, cord is rigorously applied for its ability to adapt to a wide range of profiles, providing the distinctive feature of another new creation by Pedrali, Babila Twist, a chair that has been added to expand the Babila seating collection by Odo Fioravanti. Ample and welcoming, the chair is composed of a curved, sinuous silhouette in steel, on which to weave flat polypropylene cord in vertical parallels, all the way to the armrests.

The concept “takes its cue from the research I was conducting on objects that function as bridges, in a position halfway between the human body and the artifice of industrial production – the designer says. – I had reached the point of thinking about objects that would have an alternation of curved and straight lines. The curved lines make a correct approach to the human body, while the straight lines represent the artifice of human thinking.” 

Art direction: Studio FM
Photo: Andrea Garuti
Styling: Studio Salaris