Scenes from a Marriage (in a Quadrifoglio Group home)

The Veneto-based company, well-known for major, 'muscular' projects, is showing its gentle side with a pair of designs that break out of its usual molds

Flipper & Moon by Quadrifoglio Group
Flipper & Moon by Quadrifoglio Group

Born single, they can also have a very happy life as a couple: the Flipper coffee table and the Moon chair – new arrivals in the Design Living division of Quadrifoglio Group – feature a refined design and a light touch for residential and contract interiors.

With a sleek personality and strong design, Moon is the chair designed by Serena Papait, a balance of ergonomics and decor. Not made for a single area of the home or hotel, it is ready and willing to fit in anywhere, combining its inviting nature and desire to be noticed for its uniqueness. 

Flipper is a coffee table designed by Edi & Paolo Ciani, and a child of the changing social habits the world has had to embrace over the last two years. It has the power to forge its own path and imitate no others with  a sleek design that excludes no possible uses.

It’s a workmate with clean, precise lines that maximize its potential to be placed in different spaces, and then it proves itself the perfect aid for remote workers who want an attractive, multi-purpose furniture piece that can happily marry any residential or contract interior. 

Two is stronger than one when it comes to expressiveness, and when Flipper joins forces with Moon, the duo speaks the language of true design. Their relationship is based on all the right criteria. Like all the best marriages. Three cheers for the happy couple.