Vaspaar: the modern approach to collecting

Digital and up-to-date, Vaspaar is a gallery that travels on web channels and opens a contemporary section with pieces designed by Andrea Grecucci, its co-founder together with Kaisha Davierwalla

Vaspaar: Kaisha Davierwalla & Andrea Grecucci, Photo © Mattia Balsamini
Vaspaar: Kaisha Davierwalla & Andrea Grecucci, Photo © Mattia Balsamini

The walls become a platform, and the entrance is transformed into a click. The reference points of modern collecting are changing. This is the totally contemporary dimension in which the digital gallery Vaspaar operates, created by the young partners in life and work Kaisha Davierwalla and Andrea Grecucci.

Le pareti diventano una piattaforma e la porta d’accesso si trasforma in un click. Cambiano i punti di riferimento del collezionismo moderno. È in questa dimensione tutta contemporanea che si muove la galleria digitale Vaspaar, ideata dai compagni di vita Kaisha Davierwalla e Andrea Grecucci forti della loro giovane età.

“Proiezione” vases, design Andrea Grecucci, on a 1940s Italian cabinet. Photo © Mattia Balsamini
“Pinocchio” lamp, a 1972 design by Pietro Cascella. Photo © Mattia Balsamini

The digital gallery has been organized to allow visitors to discover and purchase historic pieces in an informal, transparent way, always assisted with painstaking consulting services. The audience of reference is that of a new generation of collectors.

The entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit of the founders now adds a new facet, that of a section on contemporary design, with unique creations signed – so far – by Grecucci, soon to be joined by other creatives as long as they are in tune with the gallery’s philosophy.

“Bocca della Verità”, headboard for double bed by Mario Ceroli, and “Camaleonda” sofa by Mario Bellini, Photo © Mattia Balsamini
The coffee table “Genesi”, design Andrea Grecucci, is made of a special porous aluminium foam. Photo © Mattia Balsamini

The refined, variegated Mid-Century collection, containing original works by great masters like Gaetano Pesce, Ugo La Pietra, Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Alessandro Mendini, now mingles with new limited editions: a geometric table and two series of sculptural vases.

The new items have been developed in the context of the Italian ‘Materie Prime’ group, of which the designer is a member, which involves niche craft sectors in difficulty due to the present economic panorama. The group sets out to preserve and bring value to traditional practices of workmanship with materials, underlining their unexplored potential (alabaster, aluminium and stainless steel are the protagonists of the first editions).

“Neocene” vases in alabaster, design Andrea Grecucci.

Determined to make collecting an easy and affordable experience, the couple combine their academic and design background with an unusually fresh approach, providing 360-degree consulting: curating, scouting, restoration, authentication. They are well-organized in terms of logistics, with a headquarters in Milan and warehouses all over Italy: Vaspaar skillfully takes advantage of connections with key markets.