Art+Design in Milan

Delvis Unlimited, a brand of one-off or limited edition furnishings, opens the doors of its first flagship store in Europe in Milan, marking an important milestone for this icon of Italian design

Delvis Unlimited

In times when the boundaries between art and design are becoming increasingly blurred, Milan once again resonates as the European capital of design with the opening of Delvis Unlimited’s first European flagship store on Via Fatebenefratelli. This 100 square meter space, nestled in the vibrant heart of the Brera design district and echoing the atmosphere of a contemporary art gallery, is the new home of Delvis Unlimited.

Delvis Unlimited

Proudly remembering its Italian roots, Delvis Unlimited has built an international reputation by blending technical expertise with almost obsessive attention to detail. Stefano Del Vecchio, CEO of Delvis, states, “The opening of our first flagship store in Milan, following the one in Shanghai in 2023, underlines the universality of art and design: there are no boundaries when it comes to these disciplines.”

Rhea Dresser, design Matteo Cibic
Dino Side Table, design Matteo Cibic

The flagship store offers a window of rare excellence in the world of furnishings, showcasing a range of exclusive Made in Italy pieces, the result of collaboration between Creative Director Matteo Cibic and Del Vecchio. In particular, Del Vecchio is a true emblem of passion and dedication to art and design. Starting his journey in the design world more than 40 years ago with an artisanal company, he has led Delvis to achieve international recognition, while remaining true to its Italian DNA.

Mimas Bookshelf, design Matteo Cibic

The debut of Delvis Unlimited in Milan is an important signal of the vitality of Italian art and design, despite an increasingly complex global economic context. With a consolidated balance sheet of 50 million dollars in 2022 and prominent presences in international destinations such as Monaco and Geneva, Delvis shows how the fusion of art and craftsmanship can lead to unmatched creations, making design a true mirror of contemporary art.

Mimas Bookshelf, design Matteo Cibic
Moon Dresser, design Matteo Cibic

– Photo © Studio Cibic