CEDIT experiences the metaverse

The ceramic surfaces of the brand of Florim are dematerialized and reorganized in the virtual exhibition "New Future Treasures”, inside the digital gallery known as The Bit Hall. Available for viewing and purchase (for a good cause) until 6 October


We are still learning about NFTs, the acronym for “non fungible tokens” and certificates of authenticity, uniqueness and ownership of digital objects. CEDIT, a brand of Florim whose background is based on experimentation, had decided not to miss out on this opportunity to continue to create innovation.

“Policroma”, Design Cristina Celestino
New Future STORIE

Ten of its collections of ceramic tiles launched from 2016 to the present now enliven the digital art gallery The Bit Hall, developed by the agency 150UP, in a virtual exhibition titled New Future Treasures created under the creative direction of CEDIT.

On view until 6 October, the surfaces can also be purchased in the form of NFTs on the Rarible platform, one of the main online marketplaces for digital works. The purchases support a good cause, since the proceeds go to support the international association Save The Children.

“Rilievi”, Design Zaven
New Future RILIEVI
“Tesori”, Design Matteo Nunziati
New Future TESORI

In the abstract NFTs, full of classical references, the large ceramic slabs take on a hypnotic power, interpreted by exceptional designers. Geometric repetitions are camouflaged inside a metaphysical landscape (New Future POLICROMA, inspired by the collection of the same name designed for CEDIT by Cristina Celestino), precious patterns emerge unexpectedly amidst the dunes of the desert (New Future TESORI, which picks up on the series conceived by architect and designer Matteo Nunziati). A series of strips can move to suggest chromatic gradients, generating a sense of confusion and mystery (New Future CROMATICA). Then, across a rural landscape with scattered classical ruins, the ceramic surfaces stand out like large columns (New Future CHIMERA, interpreting the series designed by Elena Salmistraro).

“Chimera”, Design Elena Salmistraro
New Future CHIMERA
“Matrice”, Design BRH+
New Future MATRICE

An almost dreamy, timeless world, suspended between past, present and future, often lit by reflections from water, in which to let ourselves be swept away by the expressive force of art and design. For an online visit: https://www.thebithall.com/newfuturetreasures-cedit