Aurora Tre by Poltrona Frau, Design Tito Agnoli
Aurora Tre by Poltrona Frau, Design Tito Agnoli

Whether in large-scale décor solutions or concentrates of good design, Poltrona Frau preserves the same constant level of quality, aesthetic elegance and – above all – comfort. Every creation, from the largest to the smallest, contains these firm tenets at all levels, ranging “from the spoon to the city” with nimble lightness.

This versatile approach is epitomized in the new offerings for the bedroom zone, belonging to the True Evolution 2022 collection (which accompanies the celebrations for 100+10 years since the founding of the company). The Aurora Tre double bed and the Massimosistema sofa-bed reveal their character as two sides of the same coin.

Based on a faithfully interpreted original design by Tito Agnoli from 2005, Aurora Tre has fluid, enveloping forms, in which the headboard takes on the image of a quilt placed onto the structure; the airy impression is the result of the particular metal trapezoid base. The stitching on the headboard is a clear reflection of the company’s manufacturing prowess.

The aesthetic, complex but clean, establishes a dialogue not only with the furnishings in the catalogue of Poltrona Frau, but also with a wide range of different styles. The sensation of an embrace is accentuated by the lenticular effect of the form and the softness of the variable-density polyurethane padding, covered in Pelle Frau or fabric.

The Massimosistema sofa-bed, on the other hand, is elegantly compact, in a functional response to modern spaces that are becoming increasingly flexible and multifunctional, even in small areas. The piece is part of a collection with the same name, a wide-ranging modular system of sofas, symmetrical or asymmetrical for two or three seats, with or without armrests, a chaise longue, peninsula elements and ottomans.

The sofa-bed completes this program, reflecting its essential, accommodating style, where the conversion system is completely hidden inside the structure. A simple gesture transforms the sofa into a bed – otherwise, it is visually equal to the large two-seat sofa of the collection.