Gabri by Bolzan letti, Design Matteo Zorzenoni
Gabri by Bolzan letti, Design Matteo Zorzenoni

During its evolution Bolzan has kept faith with its original artisan character, making it a perfectly ‘sartorial’ operation. Creating beds that ensure wellbeing during rest through maximum quality of workmanship, materials and fabrics has always been the primary objective of the company helmed by Elisabetta Bolzan, together with her brother Piercarlo.

In the firm’s latest offerings this DNA, based on three decades of expertise, lends itself to contemporary habitat trends. The results are versatile products, refined in terms of design and aesthetics. There are two new developments, Gabri and Marty, to offer a concrete response to the needs of multifunctional domestic intimacy: because the bed is no longer just a place to sleep and rest – it is also a comfortable space for studying, reading, working, taking a break or enjoying entertainment, also in dialogue with new complements for the nighttime zone that have to respond to this range of functions. Thanks to the company’s approach to craftsmanship combined with an industrial dimension, the creations of Bolzan are a combination of technology and innovative aesthetics, enhanced by a remarkable touch of craftsmanship.

Cocoon effect

Tradition and the avant-garde join forces in Gabri, the first bed designed by Matteo Zorzenoni for Bolzan. A frame in finely crafted cowhide is the distinctive feature of this protagonist of the night zone: the elegant but modern lines welcome the mattress, which is perfectly incorporated in the structure. The sinuous design softens the perimeter and adds a playful touch thanks to the openings created at the corners – primarily conceived with a functional character, to ease the operation of remaking the bed.

Not by chance, “Gabri was the nickname of my mother Maria says Matteo Zorzenoni. When I showed her my projects, she was very careful to observe the functional aspects, rather than the image.” This practicality lives on in the possibility of adding an auxiliary surface, again in cowhide, on which to attach the outer frame; and in the family of complements that completes the collection: a bench and a round table, available in two sizes.

Comfort at all hours

The idea that has guided Studio E-ggs for the Marty bed was to transfer the soft, ample forms typical of a sofa into a bed, thus interpreting the evolution of the bedroom zone, which is now contaminated by many different functions. “During the last two years the bedroom has become a place for studying and work, as well as leisure time – the designers explain. –  This is why we thought about designing a headboard that would be more like the back of a sofa, for a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position.”

Hence the optional choice of including a table to attach to the headboard. The enveloping upholstery becomes a synonym for physical and emotional wellbeing, embodied by contemporary forms. From the version with a padded border covered in fabric (with a storage space), to the model on feet, the fil rouge is Bolzan’s expertise in the production of textile beds, always the central feature of the Veneto-based company’s décor tableaux.