Alea Pro by Poliform
Alea Pro by Poliform

Tradition and technology: the Alea Pro kitchen by Poliform takes form inside this dualism. Which is only apparently an antithesis, and becomes a set of well-balanced complements, masterfully shaping values and virtues to give rise to a kitchen that conserves the familiar warmth of the past in relation to innovative functional performance.

Starting from the restyling of the historic and successful Alea model, the Alea Pro kitchen becomes its natural evolution, now with a more vivid expressive approach: the key is an updated multi-material strategy, which creates tactile and visual games, and an aesthetic that becomes even more rigorous thanks to the three-dimensional impact of the top and the grooves. 

The familiar, welcoming and convivial atmosphere, though always oriented towards the refined elegance of the Poliform style, is embodied in the linear composition and the combination of natural wood varieties, such as golden oak for the doors and black elm for the top of the Lama snack bar. These surfaces alternate with finishes that provide high efficiency, applying full-color steel touch laminate for the tops or a moka anodized finish for the Deep Shaker accessorized back. 

Painstaking attention to detail augments the technical and aesthetic quality of Alea Pro. Starting with the design of the opening grooves – a profile that emphasizes vertical and horizontal lines – and that of the doors, with a tapered upper border. Practical touches increase the operative excellence of this kitchen with a contemporary character: fully accessorized modular columns, extractable drawers with the soft-stop system, hinged doors with a tip-on opening device. 

Along these lines, high-tech features have been inserted to transform Alea Pro into an extremely timely solution: the induction hob with the personalized Fly exhaust hood by Poliform, the panel below the hanging cabinets with a rear multi-LED channel, the tablet holder in Deep Shaker, the LED lighting built into the glass cases all trigger easy interaction with the kitchen, which becomes a place in which to experiment, balancing the many facets and aspects of life in the home.