Time travel

A special event coordinated with the opening week of the Biennale, to narrate an aesthetic made of contrasts

Renaissance, capsule collection by Studio 2046
Renaissance, capsule collection by Studio 2046

For the Venice Art Biennale 2022, Galerie Philia – with spaces in Geneva, New York, Singapore and Mexico City – has organized an exhibition-event (open until 25 April) in a four-story building now in a phase of renovation.

The protagonist is Renaissance, a capsule collection of furnishings (all one-offs) created by Daniele Daminelli with his Studio 2046. Objects in which different cultures and times are juxtaposed, triggering a short circuit each time: a traditional 19th century Italian table is crossed with a minimal monolith, the backs of Chinese chairs with engravings rest on bases in brushed steel. “It is a project invented during the pandemic, when the world stood still: a voyage with the imagination. Boundless,” says Daminelli.

The operation reflects his many cultural passions: Asian cinema, fashion, Baroque art. Different grammars that create a new one in their combination, where disorientation is the starting point for the definition of a new aesthetic. Halfway between the irony of the ready-made and the nonchalance of our time, with its plethora of remakes, citations and echoes.

The building is located at Campo San Trovaso, home of the last squero (gondola boatyard) in the city: it is the Venetian pied-à-terre of a photographer, a space that will also become a rather luxurious Airbnb, for connoisseurs. The interior design is by Studio 2046, imagining a contemporary Venice in collaboration with important names in the city (Rubelli, for example). At the moment, the worksite hosts these totemic presences, suggesting many worlds at the same time. Placed on a carpet that adds a “red carpet touch” to the setting, in spite of the ongoing construction. A brilliant creative short circuit.

For info: info@studio2046.com
With the support of Moleskine and Santa Margherita.

Photo © Simone Fiorini