The rooms of imagination

ROOM is the name of the first capsule collection of wallcoverings designed by Patricia Urquiola for CO.DE by Jannelli&Volpi. An imaginary voyage in places ready to be discovered

Room collection by CO.DE, Design Patricia Urquiola
Room collection by CO.DE, Design Patricia Urquiola

Powdery and reassuring hues, candid and forthright designs, urging you to take a break. But while you’re relaxing, your eyes can’t help but be tempted by the unusual landscapes, capturing scenes that make you want to enter them. It’s another dimension, created by the new ROOM collection of wallcoverings designed by Patricia Urquiola, in her first collaboration with Jannelli&Volpi and its brand CO.DE.

Surreal rooms, 7 in all, that introduce us to the ‘fantastic,’ reviving the perceptions of childhood, when the imagination is a game in its own right. The designer amplifies the environment with versatile backdrops and perspective effects that add depth, eliminating the visual barrier of the wall, and paradoxically urging us to enter those parallel places, or to turn the corner of a barely hinted gateway.

It is the color, pale and relaxing, that forms the canvas on which to depict arrange furnishings, objects to touch, a greenhouse-garden inhabited by plant, with light entering from above, passing animals, architectural elements through which to pass. The collection includes four chromatic variants, from the more neutral ‘daylight’ option to the shadings of tones of green, blue, violet.

The main motifs in large size are joined by two more composed of miniature patterns, for a total of nine themes. All the ‘rooms’ can be adapted to the measurements of walls, and can be made on the 15 types of support made available by CO.DE.