Yachting: the (incredible) new developments on view in Miami

Increasingly theatrical boats for high, sustainable, safe performance. New trends from Florida

Sanlorenzo SL78-660
Sanlorenzo SL78-660

Folding terraces for life at sea level. Dining rooms with full-height windows facing the sea. Sustainable, quiet vessels for navigation that respects the marine context.

Life with an ocean view is on the menu at DISCOVER BOATING MIAMI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW from 16 to 20 February in Miami, with new creations gauged towards an open-air lifestyle in tune with the sea. Yachts that offer comfort and elegance on board, extremely high quality and performance, along with safety and low fuel consumption.

Sanlorenzo SL 106A

The protagonists of the American event include the Sanlorenzo shipyard with its five models that represent the brand’s sartorial approach, from the SL78 and SL86 to the sophisticated SD96, the iconic SX crossover line, and the asymmetrical SL106A, a concept that is one of the company’s strong point, with a particular layout that offers larger spaces in total connection with the sea.

Ferretti Group – Pershing GTX116

There are many new developments from Ferretti Group, which takes part in the show with two US premieres, the Riva 68’ Diable and the Ferretti Yachts 500, along with the new Pershing GTX series of sports yachts and the new Riva 130’ Bellissima flagship, now under construction at the shipyard in La Spezia. The group also presents the Wally101 full custom, the first sailboat with the Wally brand under the aegis of Ferretti Group, a cruiser-racer in carbon fiber with a length of 101 feet, weighing 56 tons, about 20% less than other yachts of the same size.

Ferretti Group – Riva 130′ Bellissima

Safety is a central issue: Ferretti Group has signed a pact with Aqua Marina Tech to improve safety with lifesaving devices, and the shipyard will make exclusive use of the Watchit system, a worldwide patent to prevent seagoing accidents thanks to anti-collision technology.

Pardo Yachts – Endurance 60

Miami also plays host to Cantiere del Pardo with the entire fleet of Pardo Yachts, including the Endurance 60 presented as a US premiere, a sixty-foot unit designed for living on the sea in comfort, freedom, independence, safety and respect for the marine environment, also thanks to excellent levels of soundproofing and low fuel consumption.

Invictus TT460 – Credits Alberto Cocchi

A double American debut for Invictus Yacht: the shipyard has introduced the Invictus GT280S and TT460, with interiors by the designer Christian Grande. Invictus GT280S, the sports model, is the outboard configuration of one of the Italian brand’s major success stories, ideal for the American market, with overall power of 500 hp, a semi-reverse bow and great livability. The TT460, the flagship, reveals its elegant, powerful silhouette, with the special feature of a windscreen in continuity with the carbon hardtop.

CL yachts – CLB88

Among the new offerings of CL Yachts, the CLB88 is the result of collaboration with the Milan-based designer Jozeph Forakis, a motor yacht that combines style with research on materials for high performance, such as a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass for a boat that is even lighter, stronger and more stable. Special measures have been applied to minimize vibrations, for a pleasant cruising experience.

Bluegame – BG42

We should also mention Bluegame with the BGX70 and BG42: the first is a model from the BGX crossover line, whose many advantages include direct access from the beach zone to the saloon and the owner’s cabin, thanks to an unusual internal layout, rare for a yacht of 70 feet; the second, the BG42, is the brand’s historic first model, packing the essence of a multi-purpose boat into a length of just 42 feet. Not a walk-around, not an open, not a day-cruiser or a chase boat, but all of them combined in a single model.

Sunreef Yachts – Sunreef 80 Double Happiness (photo: Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski/Fotomohito)

Finally, the Polish company Sunreef tempts yachting lovers with the Sunreef 80 Double Happiness, one of the shipyard’s bestsellers, a luxurious catamaran commissioned by a Chinese client and personalized to meet his needs, with custom furnishings in an opulent color range of black, gray and gold, decorative ceiling mirrors, a starry sky effect at the stern, and obviously the indispensable karaoke bar, a favorite with Chinese clients.


There are not just shipyards at the Miami Boat Show, but also brands that make equipment and accessories for boats, such as Dometic, a company specialized in roof and hatch blinds to ensure privacy and darkening, together with watermakers, desalters and climate control systems.