Solaria by Poltrona Frau, Design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba
Solaria by Poltrona Frau, Design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

It lets itself be caressed by light, establishing a dynamic game of shadows and refractions. The Solaria collection is a tribute to the warmth and naturalness of a world en plein air, through forms and materials, softness and ample volumes, bringing out the typical comfort that is part of the DNA of Poltrona Frau.

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the designers of the series, perfectly interpret the concept of “Boundless Living” that accompanies the debut of the company’s outdoor collections, fostering a way of life without physical or imaginary boundaries, in offerings for lounge spaces from which to savor the outdoor world, in a completely relaxing voyage towards infinite horizons. “Flavors, colors and above all scents of spring and summer” have been the sources of inspiration.

Enveloping and protective islands are inserted in open-air zones without creating barriers, in a fluid dimension: a prerogative made possible by the patterns of cords skillfully woven by hand, creating alternation of full and empty zones, dematerializing objects and permitting perception of spaces in their entirety.

This distinctive composition – in ecru combined with structures in chalk-colored steel – epitomizes all the seating systems of Solaria: sofas with two or three seats, corner modules and benches, chairs with or without armrests. The woven motif (suggesting the Mediterranean tradition of wicker and rattan) is dense at the base and the top, accentuating effects of transparency and chiaroscuro.

The overall sense of lightness finds free expression in spite of the ample volumes, relying on the accentuated horizontal lines of the pieces. It is also seen in the details of the armrests and backs of the sofa (raised off the ground by a slender cast aluminium foot). The sole vertical element within the horizontal rhythm is the chair, which suggests Scandinavian styling: the two designers have given it a rigorously minimal look, endowed with transparency thanks to the weave of the entire back, interrupted only by the seat cushions and the headrest.

This geometric and linear cadence also extends to the two tables (square and rectangular) in solid teak, where the woven motif is reproduced in the overlay of the two tops, whose staves are positioned in opposite directions. For a “grating” effect typical of the world of yachts.

Although the allure of the Solaria collection permits perfect dialogue with indoor atmospheres (the connection becomes clear in the ends covered with fabric instead of the woven motif), the materials – stainless steel, cord, fabric – have been carefully developed to respond to outdoor needs: like the cushions that shed water and are made to stand up to the most extreme weather for long periods of time. The pieces are easy to disassemble, in a truly sustainable approach, which also permits easy groupings and new configurations.