Saen by Alias, Design Gabriele & Oscar Buratti
Saen by Alias, Design Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

It continues to blend elegant design with research on materials, although the new design rules dictated by changing lifestyles have led to its modification. Saen is the table created by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti based on input from Alias, with the aim of generating a precise décor typology: the round table. This is a daunting task for any creative talent, from the great avant-garde masterpieces of Eero Saarinen to the present. But the design duo have risen to the occasion, even inserting a dedication to the Finnish architect in the name of their new ‘creature,’ a contraction of his surname (Sa…en).

Inspiration has also come from a certain pleasurable lifestyle, of convivial gatherings and libations with family and friends (the main function of the object). Hence the characteristic base, resembling an overturned goblet, with a soft, sinuous shape that is also an ergonomic plus. A slender stem that was initially made in concrete, in keeping with the idea of a décor element that would be innovative in terms of material, formulated as an important presence inside any home.

The constantly growing need to spend more time in outdoor spaces has prompted the company and the designers to make Saen evolve, demonstrating its formal and functional fluidity. This time, they have experimented and then chosen compact rigid polyurethane, relying on its high technical and aesthetic performance. A technopolymer that makes it possible to obtain a uniform, clean surface while conserving the shape of the original design, now enhanced by a metal core at the base for greater stability, tops in matte coated ceramic are attached to the stem, finished with an embossed coating.

Saesn by Alias, design Oscar & Gabriele Buratti

The results are so satisfying that the recently presented version – effectively a new product – has been replicated in an indoor model as well, varying the top which gradually replaces its predecessor, acknowledging its practicality and lightness. Different configurations arise, in outdoor settings that include not just the dining table, but also a series of coffee tables available in two heights (50 and 63 cm), with top diameters of 50 and 60 cm. A true family of products, ready to inhabit terraces and outdoor zones.