Distinctive, coherent elegance, reflecting constantly evolving stylistic and technological research, with an accent on quality and an ability to transform functional products into true imaginaries. Poliform is a company and a style: behind the production of premium furnishings created by designers of great international prestige, veritable lifestyles take form in dialogue with architecture, to underline tastes, to grasp new habits and adapt to different domestic dimensions. At the same time, the approach guarantees the necessary degree of individuality for the inhabitants of a space, confirming the brand’s refined dynamic of evolution.

Bristol by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie Massaud

The new Poliform collection continues the orientation towards a comfortable, sociable lifestyle, discerning new potential interpretations in the grand tradition of living areas, in the light of transformations in contemporary domestic landscapes and today’s demand for convivial situations. The protagonist of this updated ‘archival’ offering is the iconic Bristol, a system of sofas designed in 2014 by Jean-Marie Massaud, for which the research on form has been further extended to provide maximum compositional versatility, with essential design and new, ample proportions.

Today the Bristol sofa includes a new inclined corner element that multiples compositional options without losing the distinctive dual presence of soft forms for the cushions and slim forms for the armrests. Besides the linear and corner solutions, thanks to the new corner units it is possible to formulate more contemporary curved forms.

Bristol by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie Massaud

Depending on the chosen arrangement, and independent of the chosen model – with back, or in the pouf version – the angled corner elements can be freely inserted as ends or in a central position, also placed side by side.

Bristol comes with simple, double, free or comfort cushions, with soft down padding. The lower back cushions, also in goosedown, provide even greater softness, also for vertical use, for example as a headrest between the structure and the double cushioning.

There are two types of feet: cylindrical, slightly recessed to give the sofa a suspended look, or in aluminium, to underscore the forceful geometric design.