As thin as possible

At just 1 cm, BetteAir is the world’s thinnest shower tray, comparable to the size of a large-format tile

The designer Dominik Tesseraux, who has created this project for the German company Bette, explains: “BetteAir is revolutionary because it has all the advantages of a tile without the disadvantages. With the shower tile, the floor is particularly attractive, without joints, making it absolutely hygienic and easy to clean.”

Bette relies on glazed titanium steel finished with BetteGlazur®, an exclusive treatment that makes it indestructible. This composite material is perfect for the bathroom, with a surface that is harder than marble, plastic or resin, non-porous, resistant to scratching and UV rays. BetteAir can also be outfitted with a skidproof BetteAnti-Slip Sense surface, a treatment that is activated when the unit comes into contact with water and the body weight of the user: the surface of the shower tile or bathtub becomes rough, to prevent slipping.

BetteAir, design by Dominik Tesseraux
BetteAir, design by Dominik Tesseraux

Photo credits © Bette