Lasvit presents its biggest work in Europe

The Iceberg is an immense crystal sculpture, covering an area of 463 square meters

Lasvit, Bořislavka Centrum KKCG, Prague
Lasvit, Bořislavka Centrum KKCG, Prague

A majestic crystal peak that floats in space, 110 glass parts, 1503 panels of pressed wood, each different from the next, to create an effect of undulation: this is The Iceberg, the biggest work produced by Lasvit on a European level, an artistic installation made to measure to light the lobby of the Bořislavka Centrum, the new headquarters of KKCG in Prague.

A monumental object covering an area of 463 square meters: “It was a real challenge to work on such a large space, with unique technology,” says Maxim Velčovský, art director of Lasvit and creator of the dramatic artwork.

The giant panels of the Iceberg are made of flat sintered glass that gradually lights up to convey the impression of a living organism, while its glass tip stands out from the wooden surface that symbolizes the sea. “For Maxim Velčovský, our art director, icebergs represent an important topic,” says Leon Jakimič, owner and president of Lasvit.

Icebergs conceal secrets, because seven eighths of their mass are hidden below the water. There are billions of cubic meters of ice down there, which can melt into the water and evaporate, becoming clouds above our heads. This whole dynamic is convened in the installation.”