A Mediterranean garden for Pedrali

Facing the splendid seascape of Taormina, from the terrace of the new boutique hotel Villa Fiorita: the outdoor (and indoor) collections by Pedrali offer a warm welcome into a unique atmosphere that conserves history while embracing the present

Orange blossoms, kumquat foliage, the sea stretching along the coast. This is the setting at Hotel Villa Fiorita in Taormina, built on the rock of the hilltop city in eastern Sicily and recently restyled by the architect Giuseppe Longhitano. A traditional Taormina mansion from the early 1900s, a few steps away from the famous Corso Umberto. Its characteristic architecture on multiple levels, with terraces, stone steps and gardens, shares a parcel of land that also includes the entrance to a Roman tomb from the 2nd century AD, known as ‘La Guardiola,’ perfectly conserved over time and placed up against one of the many terraces of the hotel.

Hotel Villa Fiorita, Taormina, Italy - Photo © Luca Di Bartolo

In this evocative setting, the collections by Pedrali become a true source of comfort, to savor the peace, beauty and quiet. On the panoramic terrace the Reva Twist three-seat upholstered sofa designed by Patrick Jouin provides ample size, soft lines and luxurious cushions for the seat and back. The armrests are in steel, covered with woven flat polypropylene cord, for natural resistance to weather.

Hotel Villa Fiorita, Taormina, Italy - Photo © Luca Di Bartolo

This crafted weave, 100% Made in Italy, is also used for the Panarea chairs by CMP Design, to wrap the tubing of the steel frame while also covering the armrests for a three-dimensional graphic effect. The same cord goes into the fabric that covers the cushion padded with expanded polyurethane, a material that sheds water and dries quickly. To the side, the Lunar tables designed by Pio & Tito Toso convey a sense of lightness, letting the landscape do the talking.

Hotel Villa Fiorita, Taormina, Italy - Photo © Luca Di Bartolo

Pedrali’s furnishings are not just used in the outdoor spaces, but also in some of the interiors. In the hall, guests are welcomed upon arrival by the Log seating in tones of blue, designed by Busetti, Garuti & Redaelli, in pleasing contrast with the walls, together with the Social sofa by Patrick Jouin. At breakfast the chairs are the Nolita model created by CMP Design, with their reference to the history that began with Mario Pedrali in 1963, with his first metal garden chairs.

Photo © Luca Di Bartolo