Memories from the future

Ceramiche Refin's Design Industry and Plant collections give expression to the underground style of the luxurious Rheingold-Bushwick residential complex in New York

Rheingold-Bushwick, New York
Rheingold-Bushwick, New York

Designed by Studio Durukan Design and awarded at the Tile Competition 2022 at Coverings, Rheingold-Bushwick is a social project before it is an architectural one. With its 35,000 square meters, 500 apartments and 6 amenity zones, the new residential complex is a place for socializing that encourages the active involvement of its residents while remaining true to the influences of the art scene and the industrial roots of northern Brooklyn in its atmosphere.

Right over the threshold, the double-height atrium had a central hub with reused iron containers turned into gathering areas with brightly colored ottomans, and graffiti painted by local artists that evoke the colorful neighborhood alleys.

Ceramiche Refin‘s collections – chosen in different sizes both for the common space flooring and for the cladding of some walls – perfectly convey the underground style and emphasize the project’s eclectic feel. Design Industry, in an Oxyde finish selected in the two dark and light versions, suggests the patinated effect of oxidized metals; Plant appears as a wood-cement with a shabby chic style also seen in the Ash color.

Photo © Garret Rowland, Mark Travis, Yossi Goldeberger